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Virtual Receptionist and 24/7 Messaging services have a lot in common. Both services provide your calls being answered by our operators under your business name, include messages sent to your email and SMS, and all calls are all taken in an Australian call centre. So, what is different between Virtual Receptionist and 24/7 Messages? The difference is all in the call process.

Virtual Receptionist

The Virtual Reception service is ideal for businesses requiring a phone answering solution where calls are transferred directly to the requested team member. The service is designed to replace traditional in-house receptionists who handle inbound calls. Virtual Receptionists can also be used as a call overflow during busy periods.

Much like the 24/7 Messaging service, calls are answered by our operators. Instead of taking a message, the operator will attempt to “warm transfer” the call to the requested recipient. If the transfer is unsuccessful, the operator will send a message to the recipient’s email and mobile.

The Virtual Reception service can be completely tailored to suit any business requirement you may have. Our services can be customised with value added features, such as multiple transfer attempts and outbound calls. Virtual Receptionists are commonly used by larger businesses as an emergency line or after-hours service with these added features.

24/7 Messages

24/7 Messaging is a service where calls are answered under your business name. Once the call is answered by the operator, a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS. 24/7 Messages is a message only service, so the call centre staff do not to attempt to transfer the call like they do in the Virtual Reception service. But instead, they send the message to your designated email or SMS almost instantly. The service is ideal for businesses that want to project a professional image and could be used as an alternative to a Voicemail system. The service can also be used as a call overflow or as an after-hours service, so you never miss a call.

Both the Virtual Reception and 24/7 messaging services are an excellent addition to any call management system. Although the two services differ in how the operator takes the call, both services can be used to accommodate an array of requirements for SME businesses.

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