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Business 1300 Plans from $15 per Month Including Call Credits

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Low Cost 1300 Number Plans

1300 numbers cost a lot less than most people think. From only $15 per Month you can connect a fully featured 1300 number that will boost your business image and generate more sales. Being an Australia-Wide local call number, where the caller is charged the cost of a local call from any Australian phone line, it will open up your market place and attract new business.

Excellent Return on Investment

A 1300 number is fast becoming a 'must have' for businesses of all sizes. It comes with features and functions that traditional phone numbers simply can't match. It's also an excellent addition to business marketing campaigns and on-going promotional activities by increasing their response rates and generating more calls. Any costs of having a 1300 number are outweighed by the countless benefits.


No Upfront Cost with Free Pool Numbers

There is up-front cost of getting a 1300 number when you choose from a list of Free Pool Numbers. They are allocated at the time of connection and all you have to do is choose a suitable monthly plan.

Smart Numbers from $250*

Create a genuine business asset by purchasing a Smart Number. They are sold by ACMA and come with a highly memorable numeric pattern or word value. Select from over a million Smart Numbers that include Phone Names or Phone Words. Or really stand out with a Premium Number.

* Once-Off Purchase Price plus the Applicable Administration Fee.

Cheap Call Rates

Keep Your Costs Down with Our Ultra-Competitive Call Rates Across All 1300 Plans.

100% Call Credits

Get 100% Call Credits with All Standard 1300 Plans. No Effective Access Fee.

NO Contracts

Complete Flexibility with Our No Contract, Month to Month 1300 Plans.


Business 1300 helped us find a fantastic 1300 number for our business. The process was seamless and very quick. We recommend 1300 numbers for any business looking to stand out from the crowd and reach out to their customers. Theo M - Director

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1300 Plans from $15 per Month

All Plans Come With 100% Call Credits

Our fully featured 1300 plans start at $15 per Month. All plans have monthly access fees that come with equal amount of call credits. Our best value plan is $45 per month and offers the best rates, call costs and call credits. All standard plans come with a complete set of features and functions.


Per Month
  • Local Calls - 6c p/min
  • National Calls - 9c p/min
  • Mobile Calls - 12c p/min
  • Routed to Mobile - 25c p/min
  • 1300 LITE Features
  • 24/7 Helpline
  • Auto Attendant (IVR)
  • Voice 2 Email
  • Business Intro Message
  • Geo Routing
  • Time Based Routing
  • Call Alert
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Distributor
  • Call Recording
  • Call Overflow
  • Call Barring
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Per Month
  • Local Calls - 5c p/min
  • National Calls - 5c p/min
  • Mobile Calls - 10c p/min
  • Routed to Mobile - 15c p/min
  • 1300 PRO Features
  • 24/7 Helpline
  • Auto Attendant (IVR)
  • Voice 2 Email
  • Business Intro Message
  • Geo Routing
  • Time Based Routing
  • Call Alert
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Distributor
  • Call Recording
  • Call Overflow
  • Call Barring
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Critical Information Summary

Included Features to Help Your Business Make an Impression

  • Business Intro Message - record a promotional message for your business to be played at the commencement of every call. Take advantage of our Pro Voice Recording service and get a professional voice artist to record the message for you.
  • Auto Attendant (IVR) - set up a simple IVR to help you manage inbound calls.
  • Voice2Email - utilise for overflow calls, after-hours and as a routing destination for unattended IVR options.
  • Call Alert - get a subtle 'alert' for when a call is being received from the 1300 number.
  • Call Management Features - utilise call forwarding, call overflow and call distributor to help you manage inbound calls.
  • Geographical Routing - route calls to specific answering points based on call origin.
  • Time Based Routing - route calls to specific answering points based on time of the call.

Professional Phone Message Recording

Need to make your business stand out even more? Take advantage of our Pro Voice Recording service for only $39 and get a professionally recorded outgoing message to make your business sound exceptional. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

Post Code Prompter

Do You Have Multiple Sites? We also have Post Code Prompting for multi-site businesses and franchise networks. Callers are prompted to enter their post code and the call is routed to a nominated answering point. Ideal for businesses that need more than standard geo-routing options and the service will make sure that all mobile calls are routed correctly. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry about our Post Code Prompting service.

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Guide to 1300 Call Rates and Charges

Call Cost to the Caller

Callers to a 1300 number are charged the cost of a local call from any Australian landline. Rates may vary between carriers and depend on the landline plan they're connected to. The same applies to mobiles and carriers usually specify the rate as part of their rate sheet.

Call Costs to the 1300 Account Holder

The 1300 number account holder is charged for every incoming call. Call rates depend upon the plan, call origin and where the 1300 number is being routed to i.e. landline or mobile.

  • Included Calls (Call Credits) - value of calls included in the monthly access fee. Call credits are used against any call types.
  • Local Calls - rate applicable to local calls made to the 1300 number from a landline. Only applies when the 1300 number is being routed to another landline number.
  • National Calls - rate applicable to national calls made to the 1300 number from an Australian landline. Only applies when the 1300 number is being routed to another Australian landline number.
  • Mobile Calls - rate applicable to calls made to the 1300 number from any Australian mobile. Only applies when the 1300 number is being routed to an Australian landline.
  • Calls to Mobile - if the 1300 number is being routed to an Australian mobile, all calls are charged at the same rate, regardless of call origin or if it's made via a landline or a mobile.

If you would like some help calculating how much a 1300 number is likely to cost your business, please call our Customer Care Team on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

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1300 Valet $5 Plan

Not planning to use the 1300 number much? But still need it to improve your business image? Enquire about our $5 Valet Plan that lets you stay connected for only $5 per Month. All calls are routed to your own Voice2Email service and all messages are sent via email. A perfect way to have a 1300 enquiry line without the need to answer calls. CLICK HERE to enquire about our $5 Valet Plan.

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Ask Us About Our Corporate 1300 Plans

Do you have an existing 1300 number and the bills are far too high? We can tailor a 1300 plan to suit your business needs. Our Corporate 1300 Plans will save you thousands compared to other telcos. And cheaper plans doesn't mean inferior network or less features. All our 1300 numbers are connected to an enterprise grade network operated by Australia's leading inbound number carrier and come with a full suite of features and functions.

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Cost of the Actual 1300 Number

There are two ways of getting the actual 1300 number. The number can either be issued free of charge from the Free Pool range or you can buy the number through ACMA Smart Numbers. Free Pool numbers are issued at the time of connection and usually don’t have a highly memorable numeric pattern. The range of Smart Numbers include Phone Names, Phone Words or numbers with an easy to remember numeric pattern.

No Need to Spend a Fortune on a Smart Number

Smart numbers have been very popular since being released by ACMA in 2004. There have been over 57,000 numbers sold and continue to be the preferred choice. 1300 numbers account for over two-thirds of the sales.

Most of the numbers are sold for $250 plus the administration fee. This is a once-off cost and the purchaser is given the ROU (Rights of Use) to the number. This entitles the holder to full rights to the number and enables them to trade, lease or on-sell the number. It can also be disconnected from active service for a period of time. This is not the case with Free Pool numbers which always need to be connected to a network.

Good Reasons to Buy a Smart Number

There are some good reasons to buy the actual 1300 number and the upfront cost is well worth it. Not only does it secure full rights to the number, allowing it to become a business asset, it also opens up a huge choice of highly memorable 1300 numbers which are more effective for marketing purposes.

Larger Choice of 1300 Numbers

Choosing a new number for your business or upgrading an existing one shouldn’t be taken lightly. A phone number is an important point of contact and the quality of the number i.e. memorability can affect the number of new business enquiries. Smart numbers offer a much broader range of numbers to choose from. The numbers are much more memorable, and the right choice will enhance the business in more ways than one.

Have Full Rights to the Number

Being allocated the ROU (Rights of Use) to the 1300 number will ensure you’re never at risk of losing the number (subject to ACMA terms and conditions). And that means any marketing investment in the number will remain with the business and it won't go to a competitor.

Use the Number for More Than Just a Point of Contact

Smart Numbers are an excellent choice when used for marketing and advertising purposes. They have a much higher recall value i.e. much more memorable and will ensure customers are more likely to remember them. And that means more business enquiries and more sales. The additional revenue should more than pay for the cost of the 1300 number.

If you would like some help in choosing the right number and see how much they cost, take advantage of our Free Search and Advice service. We’ll search the ACMA database for a list of suitable numbers and let you know their price. You can then make an informed decision and weight up the pros and cons of making the investment.

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Make Your Business Even More Outstanding with a 1300 Number

Popularity of 1300 numbers has skyrocketed in recent years. Businesses of all sizes are choosing a 1300 number over other prefixes. And there are some good reasons why.

Not Restricted to a Geographical Area

Unlike landline numbers, 1300 numbers are not restricted to a particular exchange or area. Which means they’re fully portable and are Australia wide national numbers.

They Are Local Call Numbers

Calls to a 1300 number are charged at a local call rate from anywhere in Australia. Local call rates are determined by the caller’s telephone provider.

Can Only Be Used for Incoming Calls

They’re inbound numbers and can only be used for receiving calls. The numbers are routed to an answering point, which can be either a landline or a mobile number.

Superior Range of Easy to Remember Numbers

There are over 800,000 easy to remember smart numbers available with the 1300 prefix. These include phone names, phone words and numbers with a highly memorable pattern.

Largest Range of Features and Functions

1300 numbers are designed to receive calls which are then routed using a wide range of call management functions. They’re the only numbers that automatically come with such features and allow a business to structure a call management process to suit their needs.

You Only Need One Number Regardless of Business Size

Whether you’re a SOHO operator or a multi-national company, the extensive range of call handling features and functions means there is no need for multiple business numbers.

They Are Inexpensive

Fully featured 1300 plans start from $15 per month including call credits.

They Generate Better Marketing Response Rates

Inbound numbers make it more appealing for customers to call the business, especially when compared to mobile numbers. That means more calls and better response rates from marketing activities.

Difference from 1800 Numbers

Apart from the prefix, the only difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers is the call rate charged to the caller. A call to a 1800 number is free from any Australian phone line.

They Come with the Same Features as 13 Numbers

1300 numbers come with exactly the same features and functions as 13 numbers. In terms of functionality, the only difference between the prefixes is the length of the number (13 numbers are only 6 digits long).

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Benefits vs 1300 Number Cost

The cost of the 1300 number is easily justified by the many benefits it will deliver for your business. The wide range of features and functions which can be tailored to your business requirements, the ability to secure a highly memorable number, and the nation-wide nature of the service, all combine to deliver outstanding results. And all that from as little as $15 per Month plus calls.

One Number for the Life of the Business

No need to change or have multiple numbers if the business moves premises or expands. Being nation-wide numbers and not restricted to a telephone exchange, a 1300 number will accommodate any type of business growth.

Mobile and Local Landline Numbers May Limit Your Market Place

A 1300 number will make your business look more significant and boost your business presence. It will appeal to a larger audience and help attract more customers. It will make a much greater impact than a mobile or a landline number.

Get Better Results from Your Marketing Activities

1300 numbers are proven to increase marketing response rates and generate more inbound calls. You can also track your marketing campaign results for a better understanding of your business operations.

Make It More Appealing to Call Your Business

Callers to the 1300 number are only charged a local call rate when calling from an Australian phone line, making it more appealing to call the business and generating more business enquiries.

Improve Your Business Image

Included call handling features such as Auto Attendant and Business Intro Message will make your business sound even more outstanding and add another level of professionalism. Combine it with a professionally recorded message to complete your business image.

Improve Your Call Handling Process

Included call routing features will ensure your business gains a much higher level of call management flexibility and improve the call handling process. Geo routing will enable you to direct calls from specific areas to a dedicated answering point. Time based routing will automatically direct calls to an answering point dependent upon the time of the call.

Choose from Australia's Largest List of Business Numbers

The range of numbers available is much greater than landline numbers. You can easily secure a highly memorable number to help your marketing response rates. Be 5x more memorable with a Smart Number that comes as a Phone Name, a Phone Word, or an easy to remember number sequence.

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