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CALL TRACKING FOR 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Analyse and Optimise Your Marketing with In-Depth Call Tracking and Analytics. 

Know Your Callers On A Deeper Level

Phone Call Tracking utilises advanced software that allows you to track information about your callers, including how they found your business, where they're calling from, and what time they called. This valuable data can be used to develop marketing strategies that will directly appeal to your audience. Call Tracking is designed to help you increase your marketing ROI, as well as give you insight in which campaign you should invest your budget into. In simple terms, call tracking will get you better marketing results, while saving costs in the process.

No Hidden Additional Costs

Our call tracking software is a complimentary service for all of our 1300 number and 1800 number customers. Gain full access to all that your inbound number has to offer at no extra cost.

All-In-One Platform

Our number management portal is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. Unlike some of our competitors, the portal gives you the ability to manage your numbers and track your calls, all in the same place.

Easy App Integration

Integrate the platform with other CRM and marketing tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Salesforce to gain even more insight on your callers.

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How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking uses a combination of value tagging and tracking software to provide you insights on who your callers are and where they found your business. Phone call tracking helps you better understand your callers' behaviour and what exactly makes them ring through.



Call Source and Medium Tracking

Track where your calls are coming from by tagging values to your numbers. Some common sources to track include Print Marketing, Inbound Sales and Google My Business.



Dynamic Website Tracking

Our advanced tracking technology assigns unique session ID's to each of your website users. Once they make a call, our platform will tell you insights including what page your caller converted on and what page they entered your website.



Comprehensive Call Reporting

Use our call reporting functions to better analyse your marketing campaigns and callers' behaviour. Once you know what's working, you can adjust your marketing strategy to deliver better results.



Seamless Platform Integrations

Gain even more insight on your callers by integrating call tracking with your CRM or other marketing platforms. There is a range of integrations available, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, and HubSpot.
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All-In-One Number Management Solution

Our number management portal is the most comprehensive solution on the market. Unlike some of our competitors, the portal gives you the ability to manage your numbers and track them, all in the same place.

Static Call Tracking

Static call tracking is a traditional method of tracking calls. It involves allocating a number to each source of traffic for your business and tracking how many calls each source generates. Some examples of sources include Facebook, Billboards, Radio, TV, Google My Business, and Directories.

No Coding Experience Needed

Static tracking uses tagged values within the platform to track where your calls are originating from. To start gaining insights on your calls, simply add a tag like "Google" or "Print Marketing" to your number and start tracking.


Analyse Your Offline Marketing Efforts with Ease

Use dedicated phone numbers to attribute calls to marketing campaigns like print, billboards, TV and radio. Tracking the calls will give you realtime results on the success of each campaign.


Find Out Where Your Clients are Coming From

Static tracking splits calls by their source and medium. Find out valuable insights such as where your customers find you and which campaigns are bringing in majority of your leads.

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Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic call tracking uses advanced technology that is implemented through code that sits on your website. The code will collect valuable data about each of your users including whether they were from organic or paid search, what page they entered your website on, and which page they converted to a lead.

Understand What Drives Calls

Know exactly which pages are making the phone ring and discover the source of every call. Once you know what's working, you can start to adjust your other pages to achieve the same great result.


Seamless Integrations

Gain even more insight on your callers by integrating call tracking with other marketing platforms such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick. The call data will sync and associate to the relevant web user to give you in-depth analytics such as what keywords your callers used to find you.


In-Depth Customer Journey Data

Dynamic Call Tracking provides in-depth customer journey data such as what page your caller landed on, and what page they converted. Our technology will also tell you whether this caller was a new website visitor, or if they've been there before.

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Number Management Portal

Make your inbound number work for your business with our complementary number management portal. Use the portal to streamline your number routing, export detailed call reports, and get to know your callers on a deeper level with advanced time, date and location analytics.

Manage Your Number's Routing with Ease

Our portal includes a drag-and-drop flow designer to easily change your number's answer points. The designer includes a full range of routing options, including IVR, Time-Based Routing and Geo-Routing.


Advanced Date, Time and Location Reporting

See the exact time, date and location of where your callers are coming from. Our reporting system will also provide insights such as your busiest calling periods and how many called are answered/missed.


Clear and Easy to Read Reporting

Utilise our clear and easy-to-understand reports to gain even more insight on your call data. Utilize the data filters available, including date range and source/medium types for a more refined search.

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Call Tracking Plans and Pricing

Our number management portal is a complimentary service for all Business1300 customers. That means there are no hidden fees or charges to gain access to our in-depth marketing analytics. Simply activate your 1300 number or 1800 number on our ultra-competitive call track plan to starting using all that our portal has to offer.



Professionally Recorded Phone Messages

  • Male or Female Voice
  • Choice of Tones
  • Includes a WAV File
  • Suitable for PBX Use
  • Ideal for Many Applications
  • Business Intro Messages
  • Auto Attendant (IVR) Prompts
  • Voicemail Announcements
  • PBX Promotional Messages
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Critical Information Summary

1300 Number plus Phone Answering


See Our Call Tracking Platform in Action

Our fully featured portal includes seamless site navigation and advanced call reporting functions. You can easily manage your number's routing and call analytics without being a tech expert.

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Seamless Integrations With Your Favourite Software Apps

Our platform integrates with a range of marketing and CRM tools to create even more detailed call data. Use one or a combination of the apps to learn about your callers, where they originate and their lead conversion.


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Know Your Callers On A Deeper Level

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