Set Up the Number to Make It Work for your Business


Inbound 13/1300 and 1800 numbers can be set up in a variety of ways. The set up options for all prefixes are the same and the numbers offer a much broader range of routing and call handling options than traditional landline numbers.

How Do Inbound Numbers Work?

Inbound numbers are virtual numbers which require to be routed to an answering point. The numbers can be routed to one or a range of answering points which can either be a landline or a mobile number. They are called inbound numbers as you can only receive calls and cannot make any outgoing calls.


Call handling options are used to enhance caller experience through professionally recorded intro messages and auto attendant. Call routing options are used to manage the call and terminate it at a nominated answering point. The wide range of routing options can be configured to suit individual business requirements.

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Auto Attendant (IVR)

Auto Attendant, or otherwise referred to as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), is a fantastic way to improve call handling efficiency for your business. By incorporating Auto Attendant with your inbound 13/1300/1800 number, you can greatly reduce the workload for the reception staff and ensure all calls are directed to the right personnel. Auto Attendant doesn't need to be complicated or lengthy and you can incorporate a brief marketing message before the options.

Voice 2 Email

A Voice 2 Email service is effectively a voicemail function that emails voice messages to a designated email address. The service can be used for a variety of business needs, the most popular being call overflow and after hours messaging.

Inbound 13/1300/1800 numbers can be configured to route calls to alternative answering points depending on the time of the call or if the main answering point is busy. If the call is routed to the Voice 2 Email service, the caller can record a message following a short announcement. That way your business will never miss a call.

Business Intro Message

recorded intro message can be programmed to play at the commencement of the call. Promote your business brand, product or service and create a powerful customer experience. Submit your own recording or take advantage of our professional recording service for only $39. Ideal for business intro messages, auto attendant prompts, professional voicemail and after-hours messages.



Australia Wide Routing

Calls from anywhere in Australia are diverted to a single number. This routing setting is used if there is only one answer point that covers all calls.

State Based Routing

Ensure that your customer’s calls are routed to your closest business premises. Calls are routed according to the origin of the call dependent upon the state they originate from i.e. VIC calls are diverted to the VIC office, NSW calls are diverted to the NSW office, etc.

Time Based Routing

This feature caters for out of hours business calls, by routing the call to an alternative answering point such as an after-hours answering service. This routing option is used for calls outside the normal business hours, week-ends, public holidays, and holiday periods.

Call Alert

Also known as Call Whisper, this function warns the recipient of the call that it's coming from the inbound number. A subtle voice message is played at the beginning of the call and can't be heard by the caller. Perfect for businesses that have multiple numbers or users that accept the 13-1300-1800 calls on the mobile and would like to differentiate between incoming calls.

Call Distributor

This option distributes the inbound calls to a number of different answering points, depending on the pre-set ratio of available resources at different sites e.g. 60% of calls to be routed to one answering point, 40% of calls to be routed to another answering point.

Call Overflow

Callers are re-routed to an alternative answering point if the call is unanswered or the line is busy. Call overflow can be set depending on the number of seconds that the call is unanswered.

Call Barring

This feature prevents calls from certain groups of callers from accessing the service. Local call barring enables callers from within the same area code as the destination number to be barred i.e. 02, 03, 08 etc. (available in capital cities only). State-wide coverage access to a particular state or a combination of states can also be restricted.

Call Recording

Calls to the 13-1300-1800 number can be recorded for training and operational purposes. Please note that privacy legislation does apply and the account holders are fully responsible for its compliance.