Get One NetPhone and Add More As Your Business Grows

Executive Handset

Full PBX Features

Cheap Calls

Complete Business Phone Package

NetPhones are ideal for businesses requiring an out of the box solution for their office phone requirements. The package comes complete with an executive IP desk phone, a cloud PBX licence with all the enterprise grade features, and a business multi-channel VoIP line including a dedicated phone number.

  • Cheap Calls and $0 Line Rental
  • Business Grade IP Handset
  • Australian Business Phone Number - Either New or BYO Existing
  • Business Grade VoIP for Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Call Handling Features Including Auto Attendant and Business Intro Message
  • Call Management Features Including Voice2Email and Auto Divert
  • Call Operation Features Including Follow Me, Do Not Disturb and Phone Conferencing
  • Full PBX Functionality and Ability to Add Multiple Extensions
  • Free Inter Account Calls Regardless of Location
  • Completely Portable - Australia and Overseas

No Telephone Line Necessary

No need for a fixed telephone line to make it work. Just plug the NetPhone into a suitable broadband service and you're up and running. It even connects with selected 4G Mobile Broadband routers.

  • Home Office - the perfect home office phone with no need to waste money on a fixed telephone line. And it delivers features and functions that mobiles can't match.

  • Small Business PBX - the most cost effective way of delivering a fully functional PBX system to a small business operation. Offering a high level of flexibility and able to be scaled up or down almost immediately, its the right choice for any small business.

  • Remote Office - whether its a temporary remote site or a permanent satellite office, a netphone is the ideal solution that delivers office phone facilities without the need to install telephone lines, a PBX system or even a fixed broadband service. Being fully portable, just pick up the handset and relocate at any time.

IP Handset Features


The desktop handset is a powerful executive IP phone with advanced telephony features. Manufactured by Grandstream, one of the world leaders in IP telephony, it's a perfect fit for users looking for a feature packed IP phone that delivers high performance and elegant design.

  • 8 Lines and Up to 4 SIP Accounts - allows you to expand its call line capacity.
  • 5 Way Audio Conferencing - allows you to hold teleconferences with up to 4 more parties.
  • Dual Switched Auto-Sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Network Ports - suitable for all types of networks.
  • 200x80 Pixel Backlit LCD Display - for seamless operation of the 8 dedicated function keys and 32 digitally programmable BLF/Fast-Dial keys.
  • Built-In USB Port - for importing and exporting data.
  • HD Wideband Audio and Full Duplex Speakerphone with Advanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation - for crystal clear phone calls and hands-free conferencing.
  • Built-In PoE - to deliver power via a PoE network connection.
  • EHS - supports EHS compatible Plantronics headsets.
  • Large Phonebook Capacity - program up to 2,000 contacts and access call history with up to 500 records.

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NetPhone PBX Features

Single Extension

  • Mobility Feature - have your mobile and desk phone ring simultaneously.
  • Voice 2 Email - receive your voicemail messages via email.
  • Multi-Party Conferencing - talk to 4 more people on the same phone call.
  • Personalised Ring Tones - allocate special ring tones to selected contacts.
  • Business Intro Message - promote your business brand, product or service at the commencement of the call.
  • Auto Attendant (IVR) - route the calls to specific answer points based on the caller selection.
  • On-Hold Music/Pre-Recorded Message - play music or a promotional message while people are on hold.
  • Call Park - put an existing call on hold and make another call at the same time.
  • Call Transfer - transfer an existing call to another number.
  • Multiple Speed-Dial - program up to 32 numbers to call without scrolling through the phone directory.
  • Call Queuing - never miss a call while on the phone.
  • Do Not Disturb - route calls to another answering point including voicemail at a touch of button.
  • Auto Divert - automatically route calls to another answering point including voicemail depending on the time of the call.

Multiple Extensions

  • Hunt Groups - pre-select which phones ring upon an incoming call.
  • Simultaneous Ring - select all phones to ring upon an incoming call until its picked up.
  • Sequential Ring - pre-select a sequence of phones that ring one after the other until a call is picked up.
  • Any Extension Pick Up - calls can be answered by any extension.
  • Free Inter-Account Calls - calls between the phones are free regardless of where they are.
  • Remote Office - display the main office number when making a call from any extension, regardless of where the phone is.

NetPhone Plans and Call Rates

Choose from one of three netphone plans starting at $19 per month. Commit to a higher monthly spend and take advantage of included calls and even more competitive call rates.