Boost Your Business Presence and Project a Professional Image

Free Pool 1300 and 1800 Numbers usually have no significant pattern to them or spell any words through the alphanumeric keypad. Unlike phone words and smart numbers, there is no upfront cost to obtain the number. Even though they usually don't have a highly memorable pattern, they are still a very effective business tool and come with many benefits.


Free pool 1300 numbers are nation-wide local call numbers where the caller is charged the cost of a local call. Free pool 1800 numbers are toll-free numbers and calls are free when calling from any Australian phone line, including mobiles. Together with being nation-wide numbers and not restricted to a geographical area, they are proven to increase response rates from business marketing activities. They are also fully portable and come with an extensive range of call handing and routing options, all designed to improve the call management process and create an outstanding caller experience.

Unbeatable Range of Features and Functions

  • Business Intro Message - promote your business brand, product or service by playing a professional greeting at the start of every call. Create your own recording or take advantage of our professional recording service for only $39.
  • Auto Attendant - streamline your call handling process and route calls directly to the required answering point. Otherwise known as an IVR, it's an excellent way of improving call handling efficiency.
  • Voice 2 Email - set up a voicemail service for overflow, after-hours calls or any other business need. Get a professional announcement created for that extra touch.
  • Call Alert - get a subtle 'alert' when a call is being received from the inbound 13-1300-1800 number. Also known as Call Whisper, a subtle voice prompt is played at the start of the call.
  • Call Management Features - manage your calls via a range of options including call forwarding, call overflow and call distributor. Use these features to ensure the caller never rings out or gets an engaged signal.
  • Time Based Routing - automatically route your calls to a different answering point depending on the time of the call. Perfect for an after-hours service.
  • Geographical Routing - route your calls to a specific answering point depending on where the call is being made from. Ideal for multi-site businesses or ones with territory representatives.
  • Call Recording - record your calls for training and management purposes. Especially useful for businesses with internal sales and customer service teams.

Business 1300 had found us matching free pool 1300 numbers for our phone and fax service which has been a valuable marketing tool for our business.

Malcolm H - CEO

Get a Free Pool 1300 or 1800 Number for Your Business

Free pool numbers are issued by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) and kept on a database that can only be accessed by Inbound Number Providers. During the connection process, we will provide you with a range of 1300 or 1800 numbers to choose from. It is then connected to a plan of your choice and onto our network which is operated by one of Australia's leading carriers.

Business1300 has a range of ultra-competitive plans to choose from. Our fully featured plans, which include 100% call credits, start at $15 per Month. Or you may want to take advantage of our Valet $5 plan which allows you to keep the number connected with all calls being routed to your own Voice 2 Email service.


Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE and we'll find the right number for your business.

Key Benefits of Free Pool 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Boost Business Presence

1300 and 1800 numbers make the business look more significant and project an image that installs confidence. Gain a larger business presence and attract more clients.

Enhance Your Marketing

1800 and 1300 numbers are proven to increase marketing response rates and make it more appealing for customers to call the business. Get better results from your marketing activities.

Project a Professional Image

Free pool 1800 and 1300 numbers come with many features and functions that will streamline your call handling process and make your business project an even more professional image.

Make it More Appealing for Customers to Call Your Business

Eliminate the long distance call barrier and make it cheaper for customers to call your business. Get more calls and generate additional business with a free pool 1300 or 1800 number.

Gain an Edge on Your Competitors

A free pool 1800 or 1300 number will ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Impress your customers and provide a better call experience than your competitors.

Always Keep the Same Number

Unlike most landline numbers, 1300 and 1800 numbers are not restricted to a local exchange and stay with the business regardless of its location. There is no need to change numbers when moving premises, regardless of where to in Australia.