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Australian Based Telephone Answering and Message Service for Business Teams

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It's All About Teamwork

Business Team 24/7 is a professional business answering and telephone message service designed for multiple team members. Once the phone call is answered by the operator a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS directly to the intended recipient. And of course, our operators and the call centre is based in Australia.

Australian Based

Our operators and call centre are based in Australia. They have local training and knowledge, meaning your calls will be answered as if the operators were based at your business.

100% Customised

Our services are fully tailored to your business requirements. Choose how the operators answer each call and what caller info to collect. 

Short or Long Term

Our services are available for both short term and long term periods, delivering complete flexibility to your business.

Calls Answered In Your Business Name

Our operators will answer calls in your business name or as per your instructions. They are trained to answer calls just like your own receptionist would.

24/7 Answering

Our call centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. This means the service is always there when you need it, even on major public holidays.

Messages Sent via SMS and Email

Read the messages taken by our call centre staff on your mobile or email. The operators will send an email and SMS directly to the team member every time they take a call.

The business answering service provided by Business 1300 has been a great support to our company. We have peace-of-mind that our calls will always be handled professionally by a real person and the messages will be delivered to the correct staff member. Warwick R - General Manager
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Business Team 24/7 Plans and Charges

Choose the plan that suits your business requirement and call volume. Move up and down as your needs change. Ultra-competitive rates to cater for all types of requirements. Customise the answering script and caller info to suit.


Per Month
  • AUS Based Call Centre
  • 2+ Team Members
  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Customised Greeting
  • Customised Caller Info
  • Messages Sent vis SMS
  • Messages Sent via Email
  • Additional Calls - $1.95
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Per Month
  • AUS Based Call Centre
  • 2+ Team Members
  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Customised Greeting
  • Customised Caller Info
  • Messages Sent vis SMS
  • Messages Sent via Email
  • Additional Calls - $1.65
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Critical Information Summary

Professional Answering Service for Business Teams

Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, this answering and message service is ideal for businesses with more than 2 team members. It's perfect for small business operators that require a dedicated answering and message service to ensure they project a professional image. It's also ideal for call overflowand temporary call diversions of the main business line, or as an after hours or an emergency answering service.

Need Some Help Deciding?

Contact us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry. Our Business Consultants are here to assist and can help you decide if the Team Answering service is right for your business.

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Popular Use of the Team 24/7 Answering Service

  • Mobile Workforce - Use the service to handle calls while your staff are on the road or in meetings. Calls to their direct extensions or mobiles can be diverted to the call centre when needed.
  • Call Overflow - Route unanswered calls to the service either directly from reception or individual extensions, ensuring every call is answered by a live operator.
  • After Hours Service and Public Holidays - Divert your phone lines to the service after hours and during holiday periods. Customers are more inclined to leave a message with a live operator, rather than on voicemail.

Quick Guide to 24/7 Team Answering

How Many Team Members Can Be Included with My Service?

The service is capable of handling any number of team members. There are no additional monthly fees but set up costs vary according to the number of team members.

Does It Cost to Update the Team Member List?

Most updates are included and don't incur a charge, and can be done at any time. Administration charges may apply to some complex services. To update your member list, simply send a request to our Customer Care team.

How Do I Use My Service with a Phone System or Mobile?

Once your service has been activated, you will receive a dedicated landline number from our Activations Team. This number is unique to your business and is answered by our call centre. The number is used for diversion of your mobile or landline phone when needed. The diversions are set either directly with your phone carrier or at handset level.

Can I Change My Plan?

Yes. All of our services are very flexible. If you are finding that your current plan no longer suits the call volume, you can easily choose another plan by sending a request to our Customer Care team. Rate plan changes take effect from the commencement of the following month.

Can the Service Be Used for Departments As Well As Individual Team Members?

Yes. If you require for messages to be taken for departments as well as individuals, our operators are able to do so. Contacts for departments are set up in the same way as individual team members, where a message is taken and sent to the designated email address.

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