Take Complete Control with Post Code Prompting

Multi-Site Businesses

Franchise Networks

Retail/Service Chains

Post Code Prompting is the most reliable means of directing a call to the designated location. Calls are routed to different destinations according to the post code that gets entered by the caller.

The caller is prompted to enter the post code via an IVR and eliminates the need to rely on multiple networks to route the call to the appropriate location. This is especially relevant to when a call is being made via a mobile where its exact location may not be known.


Post Code Prompter is ideal for organisations with multiple sites, franchise networks and retail/service chains that require to accurately direct the call to the nearest branch. It's also an excellent solution for businesses with area representatives.

The feature enables you to play a business intro message and instructions at the beginning of the call. Those messages are usually professionally recorded to create an outstanding caller experience.

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