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Record a Professional Phone Message and Promote Your Business Brand Every Time Someone Calls

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Ideal for Business Intro Messages, IVR Prompts, Voicemail and On-Hold Announcements

Choice of Tones. Male or Female Voice Phone Messages. Recordings from $39.

Professionally recorded phone messages and greetings are the perfect way to promote and re-enforce your business brand when customers call the business. They will put a professional touch to any message and enhance your business image. Choose between a male or female voice, recorded in the tone best suited to your business.

Use for PBX Phone Systems and Inbound 13-1300-1800 Numbers

 Ideal for Business Intro Messages at the start of the call, Auto Attendant (IVR) prompts, Voicemail greetings such as one for an After-Hours Service, and On-Hold Messages. Incorporate background music for that extra touch.

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Choice of Male or Female Voice Talent

Choose from male or female voice talent, and from multiple voice tones including natural, energetic and professional. Select one that best suits your brand and industry. Our Voice Artists are some of the most experienced in Australia and have produced countless voice overs including TV and Radio Ads.

A standard recording includes up to 75 words and is up to 30 seconds in length. It includes a WAV File that can be uploaded onto most PBX systems and for use with inbound numbers. For a tailor made recording including on-hold promotional messages with background music please call 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE.

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Most Popular Use of On Hold Phone Messages

You don't have to be a large national business to make an impression with your callers. On hold messages are ideal for SME businesses to sound just as professional.

Business Intro Messages

Record and play the message while the caller is waiting to be connected. An excellent way to professionally introduce your business to the callers and set it apart from the competitors.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Get a professional recording of your Auto Attendant (IVR) prompts and ensure your business keeps up the image it deserves.

Voicemail Messages

Ideal for business PBX voicemail messages and after-hours Voice 2 Email service. Record custom messages to cover public holidays and temporary office closures.

On-Hold Messages

Promote your business to the callers while they're on hold. Inform them of your range of products and services, their benefits and how they can help them. Or just re-enforce your branding with some pleasant background music.

1300/1800 Numbers

Get professionally recorded messages uploaded to use with features such as Auto Attendant, Business Intro Message and Voice2Email.

PBX Phone Systems

Upload the professionally recorded WAV file to use with the matching PBX feature. Replace Music On Hold with your own professionally recorded Messages On Hold. 

No Recurring Monthly Fees

Our professionally recorded messages are yours to keep and use as required. There are no recurring monthly fees.

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On Hold Messages and 1300 Numbers

Professionally recorded messages are the prefect addition to any 1300 number set-up. Use one or a combination of recordings to boost your business image and make a great first impression.

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Guide to Recording the Perfect Message

There are three parts to a perfect on hold message: the script, the speaking tone and the written tone. And of course, there is also the music, which plays a big part in representing your business brand.

Use a Well Written Script

A well written script is the cornerstone of any great on hold message. It must capture the caller’s attention, so they remain engaged while navigating menu options or waiting on hold. The script that callers hear can set the tone for the rest of the conversation. It should also be in line with your goals, which can be broken down to 3 main objectives. It can be to inform the caller, promote the brand or product, or just entertain the caller. Most of all, it has to be engaging.

Be Creative and Write for Your Target Audience

The most engaging messages are slightly unique in nature. They combine a mix of clever scripting and music. Slight humour is often used to promote a product or service and is usually quite effective. It's also very important to choose both the written and spoken tone that appeals to the characteristics of your audience. If your target market is the younger generation, a script that includes slang words and is quite laid back would be an excellent choice. If your target market is primarily business professionals, then a more articulate choice of words would be more suitable.

Set the Right Tone

The way all your words and sentences come together gives your script a distinct written tone. Combine that with a specific speaking tone to create an on-hold message that reinforces your brand and product set. Selecting the correct tones will ensure your intended message is communicated effectively. If your target market is the younger generation, then a tone which embodies fun and excitement would be most suitable.

Be Concise and Create an Easy to Understand Script

Using concise and simple words in your scripting helps ensure callers can comprehend what is being said. Although a complete on-hold message can be quite lengthy, it should include concise and to the point single messages. Aim to get each message across in around 35 to 40 words. Remember, what may read great in written word doesn't necessary sound great said out aloud.

Define the Message and Know Your Call Wait Times

On hold messages can be recorded for many purposes, such as promoting your business, answering FAQs or announcing important customer service information. It's important to be clear in the message you are trying to get across. Confusion leads to disengagement and reflects badly on the brand. Determining your callers' wait times is necessary to determine the required length of the on-hold message. Making the recording too short can lead to the message being played too many times. This can be repetitive and lose the caller's attention while they hold.

Need Help Writing the Script?

Call us on 1300 00 1300 and speak to one of our Business Consultants. We'll help you produce the perfect on hold message for your business.

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Female Voice Over Artist

Business 1300 works with many talented voice artists that have over 18 years’ worth of experience producing professional voice overs. Both of our female artists are very well spoken with clear voices. They also have the ability to sound young or mature, so they are extremely versatile in delivering the right message for your business.

Female Voice 1

professional-voice-message-recording-soft professional-voice-message-recording-natural professional-voice-message-recording-friendly professional-voice-message-recording-energetic professional-voice-message-recording-professional

Female Voice 2

professional-voice-message-recording-soft-240418 professional-voice-message-recording-natural-240418 professional-voice-message-recording-friendly-240418 professional-voice-message-recording-energetic-240418 professional-voice-message-recording-professional-240418

From $39 per Standard Recording

Our standard recordings start from $39 each and suit most SME business requirements. For more information please call 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

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Male Voice Over Artist

Our male voice talent also has extensive experience in voice overs and a background in broadcasting. Known for his fresh and numerous voicing styles, he'll make sure that your messages or greetings are very much in line with the business branding.

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From $39 per Standard Recording

Our standard recordings start from $39 each and suit most SME business requirements. For more information please call 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

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Capture Callers' Attention with a Perfect Script

One of the most challenging aspects of writing for speech is optimising text to be read aloud and recorded. On paper, long, complex sentences are easily accommodated. When read out aloud, the same sentences can sound awkward and confusing.

The difference between writing a script and writing for print is that scripts must be written for the ear and written for effective delivery by voice talent. It must be written in a conversational tone. When you create a script that’s listenable, your callers will better understand your business.

Main Types of Scripts

Business Intro – quick intro announcement heard by the caller before they speak with a business representative. Usually quite short and welcoming, introducing the business to the caller.

Voice Prompts – usually combined with a Business Intro announcement, used for Auto Attendant and IVR prompts to provide menu options and assist in telephone navigation.

Messages on Hold – continuous loop of music and messaging that plays as callers wait to speak to a business representative. Messages On Hold present a mix of marketing messages and customer service information that is mixed with music to play in a loop for callers waiting on hold.

Voicemail Greetings – outgoing message recordings for after-hours voicemail box and when a call can’t be taken.

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Business Intro Message

Set the right tone for the call by introducing your business in a welcoming manner. The message can be played either by itself or as an intro to IVR prompts.

Example of a Standalone Business Intro Message

Welcome to Business 1300 where our mission is to make your business even more outstanding. Please hold the line and one of our representatives will be with you shortly.

Auto Attendant IVR Prompts

Combine with a Business Intro Message to provide menu options and assist in telephone navigation. As opposed to the passive nature of Messages On Hold, voice prompts are interactive. They are designed to bring out a physical reaction from the caller, a call to action. And because voice prompts are directive, it’s important they’re concise, well written, and recorded by a professional voice artist.

Remember to Use Concise Phrasing

Callers don’t have the luxury of seeing the script laid out in front of them while they’re listening to the various menu options. With this in mind, it’s important to use language that’s easy for callers to comprehend the first time they hear it.

The main objective of a caller navigating an IVR system is to get to the desired destination as quickly as possible. If the script contains overly wordy phrases and long descriptions, the callers will get frustrated with every passing word.

Avoid Overusing the Word 'Please'

Avoid using ‘please’ more than once, it gets wordy and redundant. The goal is to keep the content as concise as possible, moving callers quickly and seamlessly through the options.

Example of a Business Intro Message with IVR Prompts

Welcome to Business 1300 where our mission is to make your business even more outstanding. To better assist us in transferring the call to the appropriate person please select from one of the following options: Press one for Sales, two for Customer Service, and three for Reception.

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Messages On Hold: More Than a Time Filler

Messages On Hold give you the opportunity to:

  • Promote your website and social media accounts.
  • Sell additional products or services to already interested prospects.
  • Answer FAQs
  • Keep callers entertained while waiting.
  • Supply important customer service information.

With music and messaging that appeals to your target market, you will captivate your audience. Your Message On Hold program can be more than a time filler for callers waiting, it can be an informative, entertaining, and educational tool. With the right content, callers will not only stay on hold, but will have an emotional reaction to your message.

Things to Consider When Writing an On Hold Message

Length – if your callers typically wait 2 minutes at a time, then at least 2 minutes of programming should be the goal. The idea is to ensure the callers don’t hear repeated messages every time they call. A typical on-hold message is 4-8 minutes in length.

Verbal Content – generally, you should use 100 words to make up 1 minute of content produced with background music. In other words, one to two paragraphs per minute. The topic can range from product promotions to general company information.

It’s important to ensure the content is informative and relevant to the caller. And the rule ‘less is more’ very much applies to writing for the ear. It’s important to keep the sentences short and to the point. A popular way to get a message across is follow this structure:

  • Introduce the topic in the first sentence e.g. Did you know that BusinessCo now offers no contract plans for hosted PBX and business VoIP?
  • Explain how the information will benefit the caller in the second sentence e.g. And that means complete flexibility for your business and no long-term commitments.
  • Wrap up with a call to action in the third sentence e.g. To find out more, visit our website businesspbx.com.au or speak to one of our Business Consultants when you come off hold.

Choose words and expressions that complement your business, brand and industry. As an example, a construction company would use words and expressions that convey high quality and solid workmanship; while a florist would use sensory descriptions that arouse smell and beauty.

Tone - select the right tone for your business brand. If your target market are young millennials, then the script would most likely include some slang words, be quite laid back and the script would be recorded in an energetic tone. If you primarily service the business market, then the script would be more articulate and recorded with a more professional tone.

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Complete Your Professional Image with a ProVoice Voicemail Greeting

Professional business voicemail greetings are significantly different from ones you record for individual use and complete your professional business image. They’re more generic in nature and designed to provide information to the caller while ensuring they leave a message. Where possible, explain when you expect to return calls. Typically, they’re recorded for the following:

Business Hours Voicemail

Calls overflow to the voicemail box if they can’t be answered during business hours. This may be during unusually busy periods or if there is no one to take the call.


Thank you for calling BusinessCo. Unfortunately, all our Business Representatives are currently attending to other enquiries. Your call is important to us, so please leave your name, phone number and a short message and we will return your call by the end of the business day. Thank you.

After Hours Voicemail

Calls diverted to the voicemail box after business hours.


Thank you for calling BusinessCo. Unfortunately you have called us outside business hours. For more information on our products and services please visit our website at businessco.com.au. Alternatively, please leave your name, phone number and a message and we’ll return your call on our next business day. Thank you.

Holiday Voicemail

Calls diverted to the voicemail box during holiday closures.


Thank you for calling BusinessCo. We are currently closed for the public holiday in Victoria. Our normal hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm Easter Standard Time. Your call is important to us, so please leave your name, phone number and a short message and we will return your call on our next business day. Thank you.

Unattended Department Voicemail

Calls diverted to the voicemail box of a department that doesn’t have active reception staff.


Thank you for calling the Accounts Department. We’re sorry that we are unable to take your call at this time, but please leave your name, phone number and a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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