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13-1300-1800 NUMBERS

1300 and 1800 Australian Business Phone Numbers. Live Answering Services.

Boost Your Business and Generate More Sales by Getting a Local Call 1300 Number or a Toll Free 1800 Number. Never Miss a Call Again with a Live Telephone Answering Service.

Business 1300 is one of Australia’s leading providers of inbound telephony. We specialise in Local Call 13/1300 Numbers as well as Australian 1800 Toll Free Numbers. We also provide 24/7 Phone Answering Services from a call centre based in Australia. We can help you get the right 13/1300 Number or a Toll Free 1800 Number; get the number connected at Ultra Competitive Rates; and provide a Live Answering Service for a complete inbound telephony solution.

All Plans Come with 100% Call Credits

Get 100% Call Credits with All Standard Monthly Plans Across Inbound 1300-1800 Numbers and Live Answering Services.

Cheap Call Rates and Low Cost Plans

Save $$$ With Our Ultra-Competitive Plans and Call Rates. Reduce Your Costs by Transferring Your Toll Free Number to Business1300.

100% Australian Owned and Operated

We Are Proudly a 100% Australian Based Company, Including the Live Answering Call Centre and the Customer Service Team. 

Tailored Solutions to Suit Your Business

Our Full Range of Inbound Services Means We Can Tailor a Complete Solution for Your Business Needs.

No Long Term Contracts

Our No Contract, Month to Month 1300 and 1800 Plans Are Designed to Give Your Business Complete Flexibility.

All Features and Functions Included

Our Local Call 1300 and Toll Free 1800 Numbers Come Complete with a Full Set of Features and Functions.

Inbound Services Designed for Australian Businesses of All Sizes

Our range of inbound services are used by businesses and organisations of all sizes. From SOHO and small business operators to large enterprises and public organisations.

Whether you’ve only just registered for an ABN, or you’re an established business here in Australia, you can look to us at Business 1300 for telephony services that will get you there.

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Get a 1300 or 1800 Australian Phone Number for Your Business

1300 and 1800 Numbers Are Proven to Increase Marketing Response Rates and Generate More Calls. Boost Your Business and Get an Edge on Your Competitors with a 1300 Number.


Choose from a Huge Selection of Local Call and Toll Free Numbers

A Local Call 1300 Number or a Toll Free 1800 Number is an excellent way to strengthen your business image and comes with many features that landline business numbers simply can't match. These range from being a national business number that's fully portable and not restricted to a geographical area, to the benefits that flexible call handling and routing options deliver to a business operation.

How to Get a 1300 or 1800 Number

Getting a 1300 or 1800 Number is easy. Choose from Free Pool Numbers, build Brand Awareness with a Phone Name, or Promote Your Product or Service with a Phone Word. We can assist with all of them.

Our Free Search and Advisory Service will make the process of getting your new number easy. And because we don't lease numbers, the ROU (Rights of Use) is assigned to you and the number becomes your asset.

Number Options
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Why Get a Local Call 1300 Number or a Toll Free 1800 Number?

  • Make Your Business Easy to Identify
  • Project a More Significant Image and Attract More Customers.
  • Gain an Advantage on the Competition and Stand Out from the Crowd.
  • Get Better Results from Your Marketing Campaigns.
  • Promote Your Brand by Getting a Smart Number.
  • Improve Your Call Handling Process with a Wide Range of Features and Functions.
  • Keep the Same Number for the Life of the Business.
  • Get a Nationwide Number that Doesn't Restrict Your Business to the Local Area.
  • Have One Number for Multiple Sites.

Key Difference Between 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Local Call 1300 Number - caller is charged a local call rate when calling from an Australian phone line. That's why they're often referred to as Local Call Numbers.

Toll Free 1800 Numbers - call is free for the caller if dialled from an Australian phone line, including mobiles. That's why they're often referred to as Toll Free Numbers.

Number Options

Free Pool Numbers

Free Pool 13-1300-1800 numbers are issued by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) and unlike smart numbers, there is no upfront cost to obtain the number. Even though they usually don't have a highly memorable pattern, they're still a very effective business tool and come with a complete set of features and functions.

Free Pool Numbers

Phone Names

Phone names are inbound 13-1300-1800 numbers which spell the name of the business through the alphanumeric keypad. They're an excellent way of continually promoting your business name by being displayed and very time someone dials the number. They're also highly memorable and rather than remembering a sequence of numbers, customers only have to remember the business name.

Phone Names

Phone Words

Phone words are inbound 13-1300-1800 numbers which spell a word through the phone's alphanumeric keypad. They are a fantastic way to promote your product, service or industry and rather than remembering a sequence of numbers, your customers only have to remember the word and the prefix.

Phone Words

Professionally Recorded On Hold Messages and Greetings

1300 and 1800 numbers come complete with the Business Intro and the Auto Attendant function. And what better way but to promote your business brand with a professionally recorded message. Choose between a male or female voice, recorded in the tone best suited to your business.

Pro Voice Messages

We'll Help You Get the Right Number for Your Business

Let us do all the hard work and help you get the right 1300 or 1800 number for your business. We'll search the ACMA database for a selection of 1300 and 1800 numbers that best suit your business. Free Pool Numbers, Phone Names, Phone Words and Premium Numbers. There are over a million numbers to choose from. This is a free service and there is no obligation to connect the number through Business1300.

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FAQ - Business 13-1300-1800 Numbers

Why Are 1800 and 1300 Numbers Referred to as Inbound Numbers?

13, 1300 and 1800 numbers can only be used for incoming calls. They cannot be used for making calls out or in other words, outbound calls. That’s why they’re called inbound numbers.

How Are 1300 and 1800 Numbers National Business Numbers?

The numbers can be called from any Australian phone line directly and without using an area prefix like 02, 03, 04, etc. They work the same regardless of where they’re dialled from in Australia.

How Do the Numbers Connect to Where They’re Answered?

An inbound number is programmed to be routed (diverted) to one or several answering points. These can be a landline phone or a mobile number. The carrier manages the routing settings at its network centre.

How Does an Auto Attendant or an IVR Work with an Inbound Number?

An Auto Attendant or IVR function is allocated a specific DID (Direct In-Dial Number) which is effectively a landline phone number. The inbound 13-1300-1800 number is routed to the DID and the call activates the Auto Attendant functionality.

Why Are 1300 Numbers Referred to as Local Call Numbers?

When calling a 1300 number from an Australian phone line, the caller is charged a local call rate. That’s why they are often called Local Call Numbers, in reference to the cost of the call.

Why Are 1800 Numbers Referred to as Toll Free Numbers?

A call to an 1800 number is free from any Australian phone line, including mobiles. That’s why they are known as Toll Free Numbers, where there is no toll or charge when calling the number. 

What Is the Key Difference Between Free Pool Numbers and ACMA Smart Numbers?

Free Pool 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers must always be connected to a network for your business to retain usage rights to the number. ACMA smart numbers can be taken off air and disconnected for a period of up to three years before you lose the rights to the number. Please note that it only applies if you have purchased the smart number and own the ROU (rights of use).

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Connect Your 13-1300-1800 Number to One of Australia's Leading Tier 1 Networks 

Business 1300 Uses an Enterprise Grade Network Carrier to Host the 13-1300-1800 Numbers. You Can Rest Assured Your Service Is Being Delivered by the Very Best.

Get a 1300 or 1800 Number Connected From Only $15 per Month Including $15 Worth of Call Credits

Our 1300 and 1800 plans are some of the most competitive in the Australian market place. And we were the first to introduce plans where 100% of the monthly access fee are call credits.

Whether you're just getting started and looking for a low cost option; or need to reduce the cost of running your existing 1300 or 1800 number; we have the right solution for you. We also have ultra-competitive corporate plans for 13 numbers.

Transfer your 13, 1300 or 1800 number to Business 1300 and save up to 70% on your existing bill. And all of our services are provided by an Australian Tier 1 Carrier.

Plans and Pricing
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100% Call Credits and Cheap Call Rates

1300 and 1800 numbers cost a lot less than most people think. Our fully featured plans start from $15 per Month including 100% Call CreditsOr you can take advantage of our Valet $5 plan that lets you keep the 1300 or 1800 number connected with all calls routed to your own Voice 2 Email service. All that for only $5 per Month.

Plans and Pricing

Stay Connected for Only $5 per Month

Not planning to use the 1300 or 1800 number much? But still need it to improve your business image? Enquire about our $5 Valet Plan that lets you stay connected for only $5 per Month. All calls are routed to your own Voice2Email service and all messages are sent via email. A perfect way to have a 1300/1800 enquiry line without the need to answer calls.

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1300 Number Plans

Our fully featured 1300 plans start at $15 per Month. All plans have monthly access fees that come with equal amount of call credits. Our best value plan is $45 per month and offers the best rates, call charges and call credits. All standard plans come with a complete set of features and functions.

1300 Number Plans

1800 Number Plans

Our range of ultra competitive 1800 plans start at $15 per Month. There is no contract and all plans have monthly access fees that come with equal amount of call credits. Our Pro $45 plan offers the cheapest call rates and includes $45 worth of call credits. All standard plans come with a complete set of features and functions including Auto Attendant (IVR), Business Intro Message, Voice2Email, and a wide range of call handling and management functions.

1800 Number Plans

13 Number Plans

Our CORP13 plan offers ultra competitive, enterprise level 13 number call rates and charges. In addition to some of the best rates available, the account holder receives 20 minutes free per local call.

13 Number Plans

FAQ – Number Allocation, Connection Process and Charges

What Is the Cost of Getting a 13-1300-1800 Number?

The cost of getting the actual number depends on whether you elect to get a Free Pool Number or an ACMA smart number. Free Pool Numbers are issued free of charge, but they must be connected to a network for the rights of use to be allocated and active. ACMA smart numbers are purchased through ACMA with a minimum once-off cost of $250 plus administration charges. Once purchased, ACMA smart numbers are allocated with a ROU (rights of use) and can be disconnected from a network for up to three years.

What Is the Process of Connecting a Number?

  • Choose the type of number required i.e. free pool or smart number.
  • If you choose a free pool number, it is then allocated and activated at the time of connection. This is usually a same-day process. Please note that the number is not guaranteed until its active on the network.
  • If you choose a smart number, it must be first purchased from ACMA and the ROU allocated before it can be connected to a network. This process can take up to 5 business days.

What Are the Network Costs of Maintaining a 13-1300-1800 Number?

  • Depending on the chosen plan, the account holder is charged a monthly access fee, which for Business 1300 customers includes an equal value of call credits.
  • Every call made to the number incurs a charge depending on call origin and whether the number is routed to a landline or a mobile phone. There are three call types: local calls, national calls and mobile calls. The rates depend upon the chosen plan.

Why Are There Call Costs Associated with Inbound Numbers?

Inbound 13-1300-1800 numbers must be routed (diverted) to a one or several answering points. There are network charges associated with setting up and routing each individual call, as well as subsidising the call cost to the caller. In addition, there are also network costs involved in providing the included features and functions.

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Telephone Answering Services

Australian Based Call Centre. Low Rates from $1 per Day. A Professional Voice for Your Business.


Never Miss a Call Again With Our Wide Range of Phone Answering Services

Our range of 24/7 Live Telephone Answering Services provide a solution for almost any business requirement. Whether it's a short term need for those busy periods or temporary office closures, or an ongoing Virtual Receptionist Service to complement your existing business, we have the right solution.

Take advantage of our bundle offer with a 1300 number and really make your business stand out. And of course, all our services are provided by a Call Centre Based in Australia.

Answering Services
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Why Use a Professional Phone Answering Service?

  • Ensure All Calls are Handled by a Professional Receptionist at All Times.
  • Use as an Overflow Service During Peak Times and Exceptionally Busy Periods.
  • Ideal During Public Holidays and the Holiday Season.
  • Utilise for Special Projects Including Marketing Campaigns.
  • Outsource the Customer Service and Support Line.
  • Provide a Live After Hours Message Service.
  • Use as a Replacement or a Back-Up to Reception Staff.
  • Create a Centralised Business Answering Service.

Answering Services

Business 24/7 Phone Answering

Business 24/7 is a professional phone answering and message service that can be answered in a personal or a company name. Once the call is answered by the operator, a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS.

The service is ideal for small business operators that want to project a professional image and may be used as an alternative to voicemail or as a dedicated business phone answering service. Larger businesses may use it as an after-hours service and for emergency calls. It’s also ideal for call overflow and temporary call diversions of the main business line, especially during those busy periods or to relieve the reception staff.

B247 Answering

Business Team Answering

Business Team 24/7 is a professional business answering and telephone message service designed for multiple team members. Once the phone call is answered by the operator a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS directly to the intended recipient.

Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, this answering and message service is ideal for businesses with more than 2 team members. It's perfect for small business operators that require a dedicated answering and message service to ensure they project a professional image. It's also ideal for call overflow and temporary call diversions of the main business line, or as an after-hours or an emergency answering service.

Team Answering

Virtual Receptionist

The virtual reception service is ideally suited to a business requiring a professional telephone answering solution where calls are transferred directly to the intended recipient. The service is designed to be used in place of in-house receptionists who handle inbound calls. It may be used as a permanent reception service that handles all incoming calls, or for overflow and temporary call diversions of the main business line. It's also ideally suited as an after-hours service for businesses requiring longer operating hours.

Virtual Reception

Casual Receptionist and Short Term Phone Answering

Our Short Term Telephone Answering Services are designed to relieve your reception staff, assist during marketing campaigns and unusually busy periods, or take care of the telephone calls during the holidays.

Short Term Answering

Inbound Number plus Live Answering Service

Our Virtual Business Bundle will ensure your business makes a great first impression every time. The bundle combines a 1300 or 1800 number with a live phone answering service. That way you gain all the benefits of an inbound number while making sure you never miss a call.

Virtual Business Bundle

FAQ – Business 1300 Phone Answering Services

Where Are the Call Centres Located?

Business 1300 uses two call centres for all its live answering services, both located in Australia. There is a 120-seat call centre in Melbourne and a 60-seat call centre in Brisbane.

Do You Provide Emergency Style Services?

Our call centre in Melbourne provides a range of government-based emergency style services and are well equipped to handle all types of mission critical phone answering services. We also have many clients that use the service for after-hours support calls and emergency situations.

Do You Provide Booking Services?

Several our clients utilise us for making bookings on their behalf. A dedicated team of call centre staff are trained in the process and use the clients’ CRM to facilitate the bookings.

Are You Able to Send the Messages to Multiple Recipients?

Yes. A message can be sent to multiple people if required. There are some additional charges that apply and depend on the number of recipients.

Are the Services Restricted to the Number of Details Collected from the Callers?

The standard service comes with three (3) pieces of information such as name, company, phone number, etc. plus the message. These are tailored to your requirements. Additional questions/information collected can be added to the service at extra cost.

Answering Services

Huge Range of Business 13, 1300 and 1800 Phone Numbers

Over 1,600,000 Smart Numbers to Choose From. Majority of Numbers Only $250 Once Off and No On-Going Lease Payments.

Own the ROU (Rights of Use)

Create a genuine business asset and get a smart number for your business. Smart numbers have a memorable numeric pattern or spell a word using the phone's alphanumeric keypad. They are a lot more memorable than ordinary numbers and generate much higher response rates from marketing activities.

When leasing a smart number, the ROU (Rights of Use) remains with the lessor and they have full rights to the number. So apart from having to make monthly lease payments, any marketing investment or goodwill created in the number is effectively theirs. By purchasing the number and being allocated the ROU, you will be creating a business asset that can be on-sold or traded. Majority of smart numbers are only $250 once-off.

Take advantage of our Free Search and Advice service to find the right number for your business. We'll search the ACMA database for a selection of numbers that best suit your requirements. This is a free service and there is No Obligation to Purchase or Connect the number through Business1300.

Smart Numbers
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100% Australian Based and Operated

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Complete Inbound Telephony Solution

Make Your Business Even More Outstanding

Business 1300 is part of the BusinessCo Group, a company dedicated to the needs of Australian SME businesses. BusinessCo's full range of business communication products and services are specifically designed for SME businesses requiring enterprise grade services at ultra-competitive prices.

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