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Business1300 is One of Australia's Leading Providers of Inbound Telephony and Live Telephone Answering Services. We Can Help You Get the Right 13-1300-1800 Number; Get the Number Connected at Ultra-Competitive Rates; and Provide a Live Telephone Answering Service for a Complete Inbound Telephony Solution.

13-1300-1800 Numbers

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Live Telephone Answering

Complete Inbound Telephony Solution In One Place

With Over 15 Years' Experience Looking After Business Clients Across Australia, We Have the Experience to Understand Their Needs and Ensure That We Deliver the Very Best in Service and Advice.

How Can We Help?

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What Some of Our Clients Have Said About Our Products and Services

Business 1300 helped us find a fantastic smart number for our business. The process was seamless and very quick.

Theo M Director

We love our number 1300 GET TINT, thanks so much! Business 1300 has a super easy process that saved us lots of time.

Lisa W Director

Business 1300 have been very professional with our customers and provide us with peace of mind through short term live answering.

Tina V Customer Relations Manager