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Choose from a Huge Range of 13, 1300 or 1800 Numbers

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Available 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Choose from Free Pool or Buy a Smart Number

There are many available 1300 numbers to choose from, and even more 1800 numbers. Inbound numbers come in many forms. Choose from Free Pool Numbers to boost your business presence and ensure your business has the same number even if you change locations; improve brand awareness and promote your company name with a Phone Name; gain an edge on your competitors and promote your product or service with a Phone Word; or maximise the return on your advertising investment with a Premium Number. Whatever the choice, your business will gain many benefits by getting an inbound 13, 1300 or 1800 number. And we'll help you choose the best available number for your business.

Free Pool Numbers

Free Pool Numbers

Minimise the cost of getting an inbound number by choosing from a list of available free pool numbers. Keep the number for as long as its connected to a network and regardless of where your business premises are located.

Smart Numbers

Smart Numbers

Build your brand and promote your business name with a phone name. Advertise your product or service with a phone word. Smart numbers are up to 5x more memorable than ordinary numbers and it's working for your business every time someone dials or looks at the number.

High Impact Numeric Patterns

Premium Numbers

Get a highly memorable numeric pattern to ensure your customers always remember your number. Huge range of numbers still available to choose from. Seize the market with a premium number or get a smart number to stand out from the crowd.


We'll Help You Find the Right Number for Your Business

With so many available options, choosing the right 13, 1300 or 1800 number can at times become overwhelming. Searching the ACMA database for a suitable number takes time and experience. We 'live and breathe' business solutions and our extensive experience means we understand your needs.

We'll Find Your Ideal Number

Getting a 13-1300-1800 number is easy! Our Free Search and Advice service is designed to help you find the right number from all the available options. We’ll search the ACMA databases for a selection of numbers that best suit your business. We’ll then contact you to discuss the best option for your business requirements. The process is seamless and of course, there is no obligation to connect the number through Business 1300.

We do not lease smart numbers and the ROU (Rights of Use) is transferred to you so the number becomes your asset. This is important as the only way of having full control is to be the ROU holder. Otherwise any marketing investment or goodwill created in the number may become someone else’s.

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3 Step Process to Choosing a Number for Your Business

Choose the Number Prefix

If it's important to provide a free call option for your callers then a 1800 number is the right choice. If all that's required is a national number where callers are charged a local call rate, then a 1300 number is more than suitable. The last option are 13 numbers which are mainly used by large national companies that require numbers which are short and easy to remember. The reason why they're mainly used by large companies is the additional licencing costs which most SME businesses can't justify.

Choose the Number Type

If the number doesn't have to be very memorable, then a Free Pool number is more than sufficient. But if it will be used for marketing purposes and to help promote the business, then a smart number would be a wise choice. Then it's only a matter of choosing the word or a preferred sequence of numbers from the ACMA database. There are still over 1.5 million numbers available for connection.

Get a List of Available 13, 1300 or 1800 Numbers

Once you know the prefix and the type of number, we can supply you with a list of available numbers to choose from. Once you select the number, we can organise the rest. We'll either arrange for the number to be allocated to your business or purchase it on your behalf from ACMA. We will then connect it to our enterprise grade network on one of our ultra-competitive plans.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Type of Number

Although the process of choosing a number is not hard, it pays to give it some thought. The number one question is how memorable the number should be. Will it be a major part of marketing and promoting the business? If the answer is yes, then the second question is, what will it be helping to promote? Will it be the business brand, its product or service, or just the business in general. Once you're clear on that, the rest is easy. Following are some things to consider when choosing the type of number for your business.

How important is it for the number to be memorable? Will it be used for display advertising, in particular signage and billboards? Will it be used for TV and radio advertising? Do I need the number to boost my business branding? Do I need to make a strong first impression? Will the number be used for promotion of products and services? Will the number be connected at all times or is it being used for special events? Do I need multiple numbers and do they need to be sequential? Do I need to get a matching fax number? Do I need to provide a Free Call service to my customers? What type of number do my competitors have? Is it important to own the EROU (Enhanced Rights of Use) to the number? What's my budget to have a number and keep it active? Who's the target audience?

Not Sure What Number Best Suits Your Business?

Business1300 offers a Free Search and Advice service to help you choose the right number for your business. There are many options available and it's important to make the right choice. After all, changing the number down the track is not ideal.

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Ask This Question Before You Connect Your New Inbound Number

Inbound numbers are fast becoming a 'must get' for a lot of businesses. Their popularity is increasing every day, especially smart numbers. But regardless of which provider you choose to connect with, there is one question you should ask before signing on the dotted line.

Can I Take the Number to a Provider of My Choice, at Any Time and At No Cost?

If the answer is no, then carefully consider what you're signing up to. You may regret the decision down the track, especially if you have invested money and time into promoting the number.

We believe that an inbound number is a business asset and it's important to own the ROU (Rights of Use). Having 100% control of the number is very important. After you build its popularity and invest marketing dollars in its promotion, the last thing you'd want to happen is for the number to go to one of your competitors. And that's what may happen if you lease the number rather than buy it or be allocated full rights to it.

There are essentially 2 categories of inbound numbers, free pool and smart numbers. Free pool numbers are issued free of charge and are accessed by the Inbound Providers from a large database managed by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). Once connected, the number should be assigned to the end user and they should be free to change providers at any time.

Smart numbers, which include phone names and phone words, are purchased through ACMA and vary in prices depending on the number's sequence and memorability. There are 2 ways of getting a smart number. You can either buy it and become the ROU (rights of use) holder, or lease it from an existing holder. Leasing the number allows you to use it, but only as long as you pay the monthly fee and in most cases also connect to a specific network. The number's ROU remains with the holder and they retain 100% ownership. And that means any marketing investment in the number is ultimately theirs.

Our advice to clients is to ensure they have 100% control of the number, and not to lease it. If its a free pool number, ensure there are no special conditions in the agreement with the provider to say the number remains to be their property. When considering a smart number, it's best to buy it and be allocated the ROU (rights of use). That's the only way to create a genuine business asset and allows you to trade the number or sell it with the business. 

If you need further information on how the ownership and rights of use works, please call 1300 00 1300 and speak to one of our Business Consultants. They'll be more than happy to explain how the system works.

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Key Features and Functions

Our range of inbound numbers all come with enterprise grade features and functions. Activate ones that suit your business needs to create an outstanding caller experience every time.

Business Intro Message - introduce your business at the start of the call with an intro message. Use a professional recording to make an immediate impression and create a positive start to the call.

Auto Attendant - reduce receptionist workload by incorporating auto attendant with a business intro message. Direct callers to the appropriate person or department without having to speak to the receptionist.

Call Alert - receive a subtle warning when a call from the inbound 13-1300-1800 number is coming through. Ideal for when the service is diverted to a mobile number.

Voice 2 Email - use the Voice 2 Email service to manage calls that can’t be taken and after-hours. Use a professionally recorded outgoing message to re-enforce your branding.

Call Management Functions - utilise call forwarding, call overflow and call distributor to route calls to the inbound 13-1300-1800 number according to your business requirements.

Time Based Routing - pre-set automatic times when your inbound number diverts to a specific answering point. Ideal for after-hours and any holiday periods.

Geographical Routing - divert your calls to the 13-1300-1800 number according to where the call is being made from. Use one or several answering points depending on where the call originates from.

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Boost Your Business Image

Free Pool 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers are issued by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) and kept on a database that can only be accessed by Inbound Number Providers.

Always Keep the Same Number. Get an Edge on Your Competitors. Enterprise Grade Features and Functions.

Although they don't usually spell anything or have a highly memorable pattern, Free Pool numbers are an excellent way to boost your business presence and make it stand out from your competitors. They also come with features and functions that traditional landline numbers simply can't match.

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Freepool Numbers
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Build Your Business Brand

One of the best ways to promote your business name is through a Phone Name. By having the number spell the name of your business through the alphanumeric keypad, every time a customer dials the number they are also dialling your business name.

Promote Your Business Name. Be 5x More Memorable. Boost Your Business Presence.

They are also a lot more memorable than ordinary numbers and the only thing that the customers have to remember is the name of your business.

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Phone Names
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Be 5x More Memorable

Phone Words are an excellent way to get noticed and are 5x more memorable than ordinary numbers. Just having a number that incorporates your product or service is promoting your business every time someone looks at it.

Promote Your Product or Service. Be Remembered. Make Your Marketing Stand Out.

Take 1300 INSURANCE as an example, it advertises both the product and the phone number while being very easy to remember. Apart from being an excellent marketing tool, a phone word will streamline your inbound call handling process utilising the wide range of enterprise grade features and functions.

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Phone Words


Get Noticed with a Smart Number

ACMA Smart Numbers incorporate phone names, phone words and numbers with highly memorable numeric pattern. There have been over 55,000 numbers purchased through ACMA since 2004. There are still over 1.5 million 13-1300-1800 smart numbers available to purchase.

Be 5x More Memorable. Get Better Response Rates from Marketing. Over 1.5 Million Numbers Still Available.

An excellent alternative to phone names and phone words are smart numbers with an easy to remember numeric pattern. As with other inbound numbers, all the features and functions are included allowing you to structure a call handling process to create an outstanding caller experience.

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Smart Numbers


Seize the Market with a Premium Number

Premium Numbers are proven to get better marketing results. Apart from the 'wow' factor, they're easier to remember and generate better response rates. Why chance the success of your marketing campaigns by getting an ordinary number? Incorporate a word closely associated with your business or choose an easy to remember number sequence to make a strong impression when displaying the number in your marketing material.

Create a Business Asset. Make a Strong Impact. Get Outstanding Response Rates.

Premium numbers are part of the ACMA Smart Number range that come with an extensive range of enterprise grade features and functions. The number can be set up in a multitude of ways, all designed to suit your business requirements.

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Premium Numbers

Key Benefits of Inbound Numbers

Project a More Significant Image

An inbound number will make the business look more significant and project an image that installs confidence. It will also make it more appealing for customers to call the business, leading to more customer enquiries.

Improve the Call Management Process

Utilising the wide range of enterprise grade features and functions, you can gain functionality and improve the call handling process. Create a great first impression every time someone calls and project a professional image. Automatically provide an After-Hours service using time-based routing that can divert calls to a voice2email service. Ensure that the phone never rings out or gets an engaged signal utilising the overflow feature.

Expand Your Market Reach

Inbound numbers are nation-wide numbers which are not restricted to the local area. Reach new customers and generate business from outside your local area. Get better response rates from your promotional activities and ensure you never have to change your business number ever again.

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Boost Business Presence

Image isn’t everything but it’s a big part of any business success. Inbound numbers are an excellent way to boost business presence and project a more significant image. They’re a much better alternative to local numbers, and even more so a mobile number. An inbound number will ensure your SOHO business projects a more significant and professional image. It will eliminate any doubts in the customer’s mind and make your business look more established.

Improve Call Handling Efficiency

An inbound number comes with a wide range of call handling and management features. It will allow you to better manage your inbound calls and ensure that every call is handled appropriately and create an outstanding caller experience. It will help you eliminate that constant phone call juggle and ensure that you never miss a call.

Enhance Your Marketing

Inbound 13-1300-1800 numbers make it more appealing for customers to call your business. They are proven to increase marketing response rates, especially when compared to mobile numbers. Getting an inbound number will expand your market and generate more business enquiries.

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Compete with Larger Competitors

Inbound numbers are usually associated with larger businesses and national organisations. Getting an inbound number will make your business look larger and attract those prospective clients that look for size and establishment.

Create a Professional Customer Experience

First impressions count and when a prospective client calls the business this is the time to impress them. Inbound numbers come with many call handling and routing features that will ensure an outstanding first impression.

Promote the business through a professionally recorded intro message; utilise the auto attendant function to direct calls to the appropriate people or departments; use the overflow feature together with a virtual reception service to ensure that you never miss a call; and activate time based routing to automatically divert after-hours calls to a voice 2 email service.

Attract Clients from Outside the Local Area

Getting an inbound number will release your business from the ‘suburbs’ and attract a wider range of new business enquiries. Even if your objective is not to be a national business, an inbound number will help generate more enquiries from your local area.

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Create Trust and Credibility

Advertising an inbound number on the company website will strengthen your business brand and its credibility. It will create greater confidence in the customers’ minds and lead to more sales. And if you can’t take all the calls, you can utilise features such as auto attendant and voice2email to help you manage the calls.

Provide an Additional Point of Contact

A recent study has found that over 70% of consumers still prefer talking to a live person, especially when trying to resolve a problem or getting further information about a product or service. Having a nation-wide inbound number as an additional point of contact will ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

The online business is highly competitive and it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Providing a combination of phone support, online and social channels sends a clear message that the business is truly committed to its customers. And being an online business means that a local number is not the best option. An inbound number will ensure that your business stands out from its competitors.

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Create a Professional Image

Customers are more inclined to deal with businesses which are well established, it gives them confidence in case something goes wrong. Having an inbound number creates an image of an established business that’s fully committed to its customers. Promoting a mobile number essentially means a one-man-band and it may limit the number of new enquiries.

Manage Your Incoming Calls

Juggling phone calls is often a challenge for trades-based businesses. And it may often lead to losing new business enquiries. The variety of call handling features that come with inbound numbers will ensure that every call is handled professionally, and you never miss a new enquiry.

Get an Edge on Your Competitors

Promoting an inbound number as a point of contact will make you stand out from the crowd and is sure to generate more new business enquiries. They look impressive on vehicle signage and as part of any promotional material.

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Inbound Services Designed for Businesses of All Sizes

Our range of inbound services are used by businesses and organisations of all sizes. From SOHO and small business operators to large enterprises and public organisations.


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