Maximise the Return on Your Marketing Investment

Get Maximum Results

Make An Impression

Create an Asset


Get an Edge on Your Competitors

Premium 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are an excellent way to help your business maximise the return on its marketing and advertising investment. The numbers have a higher recall rating than other numbers which means they're more memorable and therefore more effective when used for promotional purposes.

There are two types of premium numbers. Premium Phone Words like 13 CLOUD or 1300 DONATE incorporate a word closely related to the business or organisation. Premium Number Patterns like 1300 000 300 or 1300 00 1300 have an easy to remember number sequence. Both are highly memorable and very effective when used in any type of marketing and advertising campaigns.


Business 1300 were able to find us a highly memorable premium 1300 number. The number makes our company stand out from the competition and is very easy to remember. This is very important as we are in a highly competitive finance industry. There is no doubt that our 1300 number has helped our business.

Jacques P - Director

Cost of Premium Smart Numbers

ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) categorises premium smart numbers based on their word value and numeric pattern. Prices start at $750 and depend on the number’s memorability. Latest 2017 figures show over 45,000 numbers are still available for a once-off payment of $750. So you don’t need to break the bank to buy a premium 1300 or 1800 number and there is a large pool of numbers to choose from.

How to Buy a Premium 1800 or 1300 Number?

You can buy a premium 1800 or 1300 number through ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) which manages and administers all the numbers. Business 1300 offers a FREE Search and Advice service to help you find and buy the right number for your business. We'll search the ACMA database for a range of available numbers that best suit your business needs and then buy it on your behalf. This is a one off purchase and there are no on-going lease payments.

Buy 1300 Numbers Directly from Business1300

We have a range of 1300 smart numbers available for a one-off purchase. These numbers were bought from ACMA through the course of our business and are now available for re-sale. Prices are quoted ex GST and include transfer of the ROU (Rights of Use) to the purchaser.

Number Patterns

  • 1300 003030 $290
  • 1300 004040 $290
  • 1300 005050 $290
  • 1300 006060 $290
  • 1300 007070 $290
  • 1300 009090 $290
  • 1300 373333 $900
  • 1300 373337 $700
  • 1300 373338 $500
  • 1300 737772 $500
  • 1300 737773 $700
  • 1300 334445 $500
  • 1800 008088 $500

Word Numbers

  • 1300 4 TAX ADVICE $290
  • 1300 4 TAX RETURNS $290
  • 1800 4 EXTREME $290
  • 1800 LAW PRACTICE $290
  • 1300 2 DISPLAY $500
  • 1300 123 SAFE $290
  • 1800 4 PEOPLE $500
  • 1300 HD VIDEO $290
  • 1300 GOLFRANGE $500
  • 1300 SKYHIGH $290
  • 1300 1300 AV $900

We do not lease numbers and the ROU (Rights of Use) is transferred to your business so the number becomes your asset. This is important as the only way to have full control of the number is to buy it and become the ROU holder. Otherwise any marketing investment and goodwill created in the number may eventually go to one of your competitors.


Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to enquire about how to buy a number.

What Happens Once You Buy the Premium Number?

Once you buy the number and the ROU is allocated to you or your business, it has to be connected to a network. Our ultra-competitive plans start from $15 per Month including $15 worth of Call Credits.


Why Buy a Premium 1300 or 1800 Number?

Create a Business Asset

Leasing a premium number means you never own the full rights to the number. By buying it and being listed as the ROU (Rights of Use) holder you can ensure it becomes a genuine business asset that can be on-sold or leased.

Make an Impact with a Premium Number

Incorporate a word closely associated with your business or choose a platinum number sequence to make a strong impression when displaying the number in your marketing material.

Seize the Market

Get a more memorable number than your competitors and generate more calls. Customers are more likely to call an easy to remember number that stands out from the crowd. First impressions count and customers are drawn to an impressive number.

Maximise Marketing Results

Premium numbers are proven to get better marketing results. Apart from the 'wow' factor, they're easier to remember and generate better response rates. Why chance the success of your marketing campaigns by getting an ordinary number?