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Much More Than Just a Number

Get Noticed with a Smart Number

Smart Numbers are 13/1300 and 1800 numbers that have a memorable numeric pattern or spell a word using the phone's alphanumeric keypad. There have been over 55,000 numbers purchased through ACMA since 2004. As their popularity increased over the years, more and more businesses are taking advantage of their benefits. They're easier to remember and generate better response rates from marketing and advertising activities.

Phone Names. Phone Words. High Impact Numeric Patterns.

There are three types of numbers. Phone Names such as 1800 REFLEX or 1300 HILTON spell the name of the business and are an excellent way to promote the business name. Phone Words such as 1300 RUBBISH and 1800 DONATE incorporate the product, service or an action word that's in line with the company branding. A smart number can also come with a highly memorable numeric pattern like 1300 000 300 or 1300 00 1300.

Get Better Response Rates from Your Marketing

Smart Numbers make an impression and are easy to remember. Not only do they have the 'wow' factor and are promoting your business by just being displayed, they're also proven to be more memorable. And that means more calls leading to more business.

5x More Memorable

Smart numbers are 5x more memorable than ordinary phone numbers like a standard landline or mobile. They make a strong impression when displayed and are more likely to be remembered.

Strengthen Your Business Image

Displaying the number on the company website, business signage and other promotional material creates a strong first impression. It installs credibility and strengthens the image, and that means more customer enquiries.

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Phone Names

Phone Names are a fantastic way to build brand awareness by incorporating your business name in the number. Just displaying it promotes your brand and every time someone dials your number, they're also dialling your business name. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to find out if your business name is available.

Phone Names

Phone Words

Smart Numbers can also spell the name of the product, service or industry. They're up to 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers and are an excellent way to enhance your marketing and increase response rates. There are still 1000's of phone words available to choose from.

 Phone Words

Over 1.5 Million Numbers Still Available

There are still over 1.5 million numbers available to purchase. Even though many generic word numbers have already been allocated, there are a lot of variations still available. A common practice is to use a number before the required word. As an example, the word DISPLAY can be used very effectively with a '2' or a '4' in front of it e.g. 1300 2 DISPLAY or 1300 4 DISPLAY. There is also a huge range of highly memorable numeric sequence numbers available. These are an excellent alternative when your ideal phone word or phone name has already been taken.

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Key Benefits of Smart Numbers


Own The Number Outright

We do not lease numbers and the ROU (Rights of Use) is belongs to you so the number becomes your asset.  This is important as the only way of having full control is to be the ROU holder.

Create a Valuable Business Asset

Purchasing a smart number creates a valuable asset that can appreciate in value over time. Some numbers have sold for over $1 million after being purchased for only $500.

Generate More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

A Smart Number will make an impression and get remembered. It will stick in your customer's mind and they will easily be able to pass it onto their family and friends. And that means more business from the best source of marketing, referrals!

Promote Your Brand

Smart number phone names are an excellent way to keep promoting your business name through the phone number. Or you can use a phone word to promote your product or service.

Display Your Brand Name More Frequently

Repetition and frequency are an essential part of brand awareness. Quite simply, the more times it’s seen, the more it gets remembered.  Having a smart number incorporating the brand name allows for repetition.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Get an edge on your competitors and stand out from the crowd. While others are advertising hard to remember landline numbers, and even mobile numbers, you are sure to get noticed with a smart number.

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How Much Do Smart Numbers Cost?

Numbers are purchased through ACMA and vary in price (allocation charge) based on their word value or memorability. Prices range between $250 and $20,000, with the majority of numbers starting at $250. As of August 2020, the following numbers were available:

1300 Numbers

  • 748,000 numbers @ $250
  • 8,400 numbers @ $750
  • 3,600 numbers @ $1,000 Plus

1800 Numbers

  • 801,000 numbers @ $250
  • 8,000 numbers @ $750
  • 3,400 numbers @ $1,000 Plus

13 Numbers

  • 5,300 numbers @ $400
  • 600 numbers @ $1,000 Plus
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Smart Numbers Frequently Asked Questions

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On Hold Messages for Business

Make a Lasting Impression on Your Callers

Professionally recorded phone messages and greetings are the perfect way to promote and re-enforce your business brand when customers call the business. They will put a professional touch to any message and enhance your business image. Choose between a male or female voice, recorded in the tone best suited to your business.

Add to Your Business Branding by Combining a Smart Number with a ProVoice Recording

Strengthen your business image by adding a professional voice recording to your smart number. Promoting your business brand, product or service every time someone calls creates a strong first impression and installs credibility.

On Hold Messages
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Let us do all the hard work and search the ACMA database for a selection of smart numbers to choose from. Business1300 offers a Free Search and Advice service to help you get the right number for your business. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.


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