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Show Some Love to Your Callers

On Hold Messages are a fantastic way to promote your business every time someone calls. They can be used in several ways to promote your brand, special deals or just the range of products or services. The process is simple, just write the script of the message you’d like to get across, choose between male or female voice and the tone you’d like to use i.e. friendly, professional, bubbly, etc., and the rest is done by a professional voice artist. A sound file is then produced that can be loaded onto a 1300/1800 number service or the business PBX system.

On Hold Messages

One of the best ways to promote your business is to play a promotional message while callers are placed on hold. The voice message can be recorded with background music and can incorporate several messages that play with music breaks in between. The recording is usually played in a loop to allow for variable on-hold times.

Business Intro Messages

A Business Intro Message is an excellent way to promote your business brand at the start of the call. It will also create a professional image of your business and set it apart from the competitors. Business intro messages usually announce the business to the caller and include the company slogan. They’re a perfect way to create a positive caller experience before they speak to someone. 

Auto Attendant (IVR) Prompts

Similar to a Business Intro Message, an Auto Attendant (IVR) recording introduces the business to the caller and then lists the IVR options to choose from. Having the IVR prompts recorded professionally creates a positive image of the business while re-enforcing its brand.

Voicemail Messages

Voicemail and Voice2Email are often used by businesses for call overflow during business hours, and for after-hours calls. Having a professionally recorded message will not only make the business sound professional, but it will also encourage the caller to leave a message and contact details. And that means less lost opportunities and better customer experience.

Professionally recorded on-hold messages and announcements are an inexpensive way to boost your business image and create a professional feel to every call. They will set your business apart from your competitors and make it stand out.

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