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Business 1300 Info and Tips

by Business 1300, on 9/12/19 4:38 PM

Christmas already? It certainly comes around quickly. Often feels like it was only yesterday that the Christmas rush was on. Finalising the year and getting the business ready for the …

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by Business 1300, on 24/10/19 12:04 PM

It’s crazy how fast the time goes during the year. For many business owners, it feels like just yesterday that they had get through the end of year rush. To …

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by Business 1300, on 5/09/19 4:00 PM

The Silly Season Is About to Start. We’re Here to Help! Sometimes, everyone needs a break. Whether it's a long weekend, an offsite team building exercise, or an office party …

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by Business 1300, on 12/08/19 2:04 PM

What is A Smart Number? Smart Numbers are a 13, 1300 or 1800 number that spells a word using the alphanumeric keypad or has a memorable numeric pattern. The numbers …

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by Business 1300, on 8/08/19 3:58 PM

Virtual Receptionist and 24/7 Messaging services have a lot in common. Both services provide your calls being answered by our operators under your business name, include messages sent to your …

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by Business 1300, on 22/07/19 3:46 PM

1800 Numbers cost a lot less than most people think. You don’t need to break the budget to gain the fantastic benefits that these numbers bring to a business. You …

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by Business 1300, on 20/06/19 10:56 AM

Show Some Love to Your Callers On Hold Messages are a fantastic way to promote your business every time someone calls. They can be used in several ways to promote your …

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by Business 1300, on 3/05/19 12:05 PM

Smart numbers are 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers that include a numerical sequence that is easy to remember such as 1300 000 300, or phone words that use the alphanumeric …

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by Business 1300, on 13/03/19 5:24 PM

1300 numbers can do a lot for a business. Their superior features and functions outclass other types of numbers. Apart from boosting business presence and being an excellent marketing tool, …

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by Business 1300, on 11/03/19 5:35 PM

Organise Your Business with a Virtual Receptionist Service! Virtual reception is a great way to manage your inbound calls in a professional manner. The call centre service can be used in …

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