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Ever called a business only to hear a robotic voice, silence or a dial tone? This is an all too common experience for many of us. Not only is it wasted time to promote your business, but it can provide a negative experience for your callers by making them feel like they're talking to a machine. On Hold messages are the perfect way to create a positive caller experience and leave a lasting impression on your callers. Not sure what on hold messages are or how to get one? Here's a quick guide to fill you in on all the info.

What Are on Hold Messages?

On hold messages are a recording that callers hear when they're put on hold or if the call reaches message bank. On hold messages are professionally recorded phone messages and are the perfect way to promote and re-enforce your business brand when customers call the business. They can vary from male or female voice talent, and from multiple voice tones including natural, energetic and professional.

How Can on Hold Messages Help Your Business?

Keeping your customer on the line can be the difference between wasting a lead and closing a sale. This means that having a system to keep your customers hooked while waiting for your staff to attend to them is crucial. On hold messages can also be a great marketing tool as you're able to feed your customers valuable information or inform them of your range of products and services. These can also be used seasonally to advertise promotions or holiday trading hours that they might not previously be aware of.

How to Set up an on-Hold Message for Your Business

Setting up an on-hold message couldn’t be easier! Simply choose a voice artist, their tone and provide a script of what you'd like to say on your recording. And if you need help with writing the script, one of our specialists will be there to help you to record the perfect on hold message. 

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