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For Businesses of All Sizes

A virtual receptionist is an ideal addition to almost any type of business, regardless of size or whether it has an existing reception capability or not. This is how the service can help your business.

SOHO Businesses

A virtual receptionist service is a perfect way to project a professional image and ensure your business makes an excellent first impression. Having the calls answered by a live operator, and in your business name, is a much better alternative to voicemail. It will also free up valuable time that can otherwise be spent doing business.

Businesses with No Dedicated Reception

There are many businesses that operate with no staff dedicated to reception duties. The task of answering the phone is divided between a number of staff members, or even just one. The problem with that setup is that phone calls often interrupt their work. The disruption leads to lack of productivity and may lead to frustration causing the calls to be answered in a hurried and careless manner.


A virtual service will ensure that every phone call is answered professionally. It can be used either as a full time service or as a back-up. Most PBXs can be programmed to accept calls and if the call is not answered within a set number of rings, it can be diverted to the service. That way your staff can choose if they’re available to answer the call or not.

Businesses with Part Time and Casual Reception

A part time or casual receptionist is usually employed during peak periods and may at times get overwhelmed. A virtual receptionist is ideal to assist during those times. The excess calls can overflow to the service. And when the reception is unattended, the service can take care of all the calls, ensuring that every one is handled by a live operator representing your business.

Businesses with Full Time Reception

The role of the company receptionist has changed over time and they now do a lot more than just answer the phone or greet clients. A company receptionist usually gets allocated other administrative tasks. A virtual receptionist can assist during the busy periods and at times when they need to complete other work. It's also a perfect back-up for staff breaks, sick days and annual leave.

There are many ways in which a virtual receptionist can assist a business. And one of the best things about it, you only pay for the calls you use.



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