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Phone Answering Service to the Rescue

Managing incoming calls can often be a challenge for SME businesses. But it's a crucial business function and is often the difference between attracting new customers or not. A phone answering service provides a range of solutions to help your business. 

Perfect Way to Manage Those Busy Periods

With most businesses looking for efficiency and no down time, reception staff responsibilities now include many other administrative tasks. They're often required to do a lot more than just handle incoming calls. But what happens when there is an influx of calls?

live telephone answering service is an ideal way to handle those exceptionally busy periods, and ensure that every call is answered in a professional and timely manner. Programming the PBX or the inbound 1300 number to automatically divert the call to the service after a set number of rings, resolves the problem.

Excellent Alternative to Voicemail

Not many people like talking to machines, and leaving a message on a voicemail service leaves a sense of uncertainty. Will the message be heard? And if so, when?

Using an answering service for after-hours calls and while the business is closed is an excellent way to ensure they're handled by a live operator. It gives callers reassurance while creating a professional image of the business.

Relieve Reception Staff During Breaks and Days Off

One of the challenges of only having an in-house reception service is the ability to relieve the staff while they take a break. And of course there are times when they're away on sick leave or on holidays. An answering service is the perfect solution and provides an excellent back-up to ensure there's no stress when that happens. It's business as usual.

First impressions count and the way a call is answered says a lot about the business. A live answering service provides a range of solutions to ensure your business doesn't miss a beat.



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