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Whether you need a live answering service to handle all phone calls; a support telephone answering service to relieve your reception staff and cater for high volume periods; or require an after-hours or emergency answering service to ensure business continuity; Business 1300 has the right telephone answering solution for your business.

The telephone answering service provided by Business 1300 has been a great support to our company. We have the peace-of-mind that our calls will always be handled professionally by a real person and the messages will be delivered to the correct staff member.

Warwick R - General Manager

Our range of Australian based live phone answering services caters for all types of business needs. From single operators to large businesses, short term or long term, we can tailor the right answering service for you.


24/7 Telephone Answering

Live Answering Plans from $1 per Day

Business 24/7 is a professional answering service that can be answered in a personal or a company name. Once the phone call is answered by the operator a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS.

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 Business Team Answering

Business Team Answering Plans from $39 per Month

Business Team is a professional telephone answering service for business teams. Once the telephone call is answered by the operator a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS directly to the intended recipient.



 Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Reception Plans from $49 per Month

Business Reception is a telephone answering service where the phone call is transferred to the intended recipient. This type of phone answering service goes beyond taking messages. The live operator will answer the phone call in either a personal or a company name, identify the required person (or department), and then transfer the call directly to the recipient.



 Short Term Phone Answering

Variety of Answering Services to Suit Your Requirements

Our Short Term Live Telephone Answering Services are designed to relieve your reception staff, assist during a marketing campaign or an unusually busy period, or take care of the telephone calls during the holiday season.



 Virtual Business Bundle

Live Answering plus 1300 Number from $39 per Month

Our Virtual Business Bundle combines a 1300 number with a live telephone answering service. That way you gain all the benefits of a 1300 number while making sure that you never miss a call.