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Create a Professional Image to Help You Succeed

Small businesses face many challenges and one of them is to create a professional image, stand out from the crowd and attract more business while keeping the expenses down. A combination of a 1300 number and a virtual receptionist service is an ideal solution that covers all bases.

1300 Number

First impressions count and the experience that clients have while contacting the business often leaves a lasting impression. The business number that people call is the first step to creating the right impression. A 1300 number is an ideal way to ensure that the business projects the right image. And it’s not just a business number.

13-1300-1800 NUMBERS

1300 numbers come with a range of call handling and routing options which can be used to enhance the caller experience and make the business more efficient in the way it deals with its clients and suppliers.

Virtual Receptionist

Time and resources, or lack their off, are often some of the other major challenges that small businesses encounter. Most can’t justify employing a dedicated receptionist and the business owner is often taking care of clients or other parts of the business. Fielding inbound calls is often done in a rush or may be done by employees that are not necessarily best suited to the task.


A virtual receptionist is a cost effective way of ensuring that every call is answered in a professional manner, leaving the caller with a positive image of the business.

Combine the Services for Maximum Impact

The two services can be easily combined to create a powerful caller experience. The inbound number can either be routed directly to the virtual receptionist service, or an auto attendant can be used to route selected calls while others go directly to the business. Add to that a professionally recorded announcement or a marketing message at the beginning of the call, and this part of the business is complete.

Having a 1300 number working together with a virtual receptionist service may not solve all the challenges that small businesses face. But they will ensure that the business projects the right image, stands out from its competitors and never misses a call.



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