Ideal for Business Intro Messages, IVR Prompts, Voicemail and On-Hold Announcements

Male or Female Voice

Choice of Tones

Recordings from $39


A professionally recorded message is the perfect way to promote and re-enforce your business brand when customers call your business. It will put a professional touch to any message and enhance your business image. Choose between a male or female voice, recorded in the tone best suited to your business.

Choice of Male or Female Voice Across Multiple Tones

Choose from male or female voice, and from multiple voice tones including natural, energetic and professional. Select one that best suits your brand and industry. Our Voice Artists are some of the most experienced in Australia and have produced countless voice overs including TV and Radio Ads.

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A standard recording includes up to 75 words and is up to 30 seconds in length. It includes a WAV File that can be uploaded onto most PBX systems and for use with inbound numbers. For a tailor made recording including on-hold promotional messages with background music please call 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE.

Listen to Recording Samples

Professional phone messages for PBX Phone Systems and 1300/1800 Numbers. Ideal for Business Intro Messages at the start of the call, Auto Attendant (IVR) prompts, Voicemail messages, and On-Hold Announcements.

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professional-voice-message-recording-natural-male-081117.png professional-voice-message-recording-energetic-male-081117.png professional-voice-message-recording-professional-male-081117.png

Business Intro Messages

Record and play the message while the caller is waiting to be connected. An excellent way to professionally introduce your business to the callers and set it apart from the competitors.

Auto Attendant (IVR) Prompts

Get a professional recording of your Auto Attendant (IVR) prompts and ensure your business keeps up the image it deserves.

Voicemail Messages

Ideal for business PBX voicemail messages and after-hours Voice 2 Email service. Record custom messages to cover public holidays and temporary office closures.

On-Hold Messages

A perfect opportunity to promote your business to the callers is while they wait to be attended to. Inform them of your range of products and services, their benefits and how they can help them. Or just re-enforce your branding with some pleasant background music.

Only $39 per Recording When You Connect a Service with BusinessCo

Connect with Business1300 and pay only $39 (normally $79) per standard recording. For more information please call 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.