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31 August 2015 11:37:52 AM


Free Mobile Calls At Last

1800 numbers are also referred to as Free Call or Toll Free numbers. But that hasn’t really been the case up until recently. Calls to a 1800 number was only free from an Australian landline and incurred a charge when dialled from a mobile. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have now introduced free calls for mobiles to 1800 numbers so now free actually means free.

Customers Are Now Truly Mobile

According to a recent report by ACMA, nearly one-third (29 percent) of adult Australians were mobile only phone users, which means they only used a mobile phone and didn’t have a fixed line telephone at home. Over the past few years, landline usage has declined significantly and customers are now more likely to use their mobile phone than a landline to make a call, and that includes making business enquiries.

Free Calls Mean More Enquiries

Now that calling a 1800 number is free from a mobile, you can truly entice your customers to contact your business by advertising the tollfree number and promoting the freecall feature. And in most cases (based on average call lengths) that won’t cost your business more than the cost of a local call.

Key Benefits of Getting a 1800 Number

Apart from being toll free which will entice customers to call your business, 1800 numbers come with many advantages. Firstly, unlike landline numbers, they are not restricted to a geographical area and are fully portable. Which means that your business never has to change its business number, regardless of where it moves or how big it gets.


Flexible call handling and routing options will ensure that the number is set up according to your business requirements. Whether your business uses a landline or not, or a combination of both, a 1800 number can be set up to route calls where and when you want.

13-1300-1800 PRICING

1800 numbers are a powerful business tool, regardless of size. Whether you’re running a business on a mobile, or operate a large national company with multiple sites, a 1800 number is the ideal choice for a business number.



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