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Show Full Commitment to Your Customers

In the rush to streamline operations through the use of digital technology, some businesses forget about customer engagement and what may be important to them. Telephone contact with a business is still very much an essential part of engaging your customers, and 1800 numbers deliver the ideal solution.

After all, regardless of how savvy they may be with digital technology, customers will always at one point or another need to speak to a real person.

Customers Call the Business for Free

1800 numbers deliver a lot more than just a point of contact. To start with, the numbers are free to call from any Australian phone line including mobiles. And that in itself makes a statement. It shows true commitment by the business to its customers.

Create an Outstanding Caller Experience

A 1800 number comes with many features and functions, all designed to enhance the caller experience and create a positive image of your business. Using the business intro feature, the caller will hear a quick message introducing your business. That means an instant connection and no lengthy ringing tone, which is reassuring to the caller and promotes your business at the same time.

13-1300-1800 NUMBERS

Auto attendant can be used to eliminate transferring the call from person to person, and direct it straight to the desired destination. That reduces the length of the call and any frustrations, which again enhances the caller experience.

Callers Never Hear the Engaged Signal

The overflow feature is the perfect solution to make sure a caller never hears an engaged signal. 1800 numbers can be programmed to automatically route the call to another destination if the first one is engaged. Multiple numbers can be used to ensure every call gets answered.

Callers Never Ring Out

Time based routing is a popular feature that’s used to automatically route the call to another destination during selected times. Often, an after-hours voice2email service is used, or a live telephone answering service where the caller will speak to a live operator. That way, customers can still contact the business after-hours and the phone never rings out.

Customer engagement comes in many forms and 1800 numbers can play an important role. Getting a number will ensure that when it comes to making telephone contact with your business, you create an outstanding caller experience and engage your customers in a postive way at all times.



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