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8 November 2016 10:43:20 AM


3 Questions to Help You Decide

Getting a 1300 number for a business is usually a good decision, but may not be for everyone. Essentially, there are 3 questions you have to ask yourself when considering 1300 numbers for your business.

What Kind of Image Do I Want to Project?

If you want your business to project an image of an organisation that is well established and one that services clients outside the local area, then a 1300 number will go a long way to deliver just that. The numbers are proven to boost business presence and project a more significant image.

If on the other hand, you’re promoting a very local business and that’s your target market, then a local landline or even a mobile number may be more suitable. A local handyman who works for himself and services the local community wouldn’t need much more than his mobile number on well-presented calling cards or brochures.

Will My Number Be Used for Marketing?

If the number will be of benefit to the image you want your business to project, but you’re still unsure whether to get one. Then you may want to consider how it fits into your marketing plans.

1300 numbers come in many variations and together with 1800 numbers offer the largest choice of numbers. An easy to remember number always makes an impression, and will enhance your marketing and increase response rates. Phone names and phone words are 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers, and are an excellent marketing tool.

Do I Need to Organise My Inbound Calls?

Inbound numbers come with many features and functions, all designed to streamline the call flow and help you manage inbound calls. Features such as auto attendant, voice2email, call overflow and time based routing will ensure that every call gets handled in a professional manner and creates an outstanding caller experience.

If your business relies on inbound calls, then the number would be a good choice. It will help you organise the way calls are handled and ensure you don’t lose any business.

A 1300 number may not be for everyone, but they are an inexpensive way to enhance your business in more ways than one. And if the answer is yes, they will be of benefit, then getting a number for your business is the right choice.



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