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1300 numbers are a fantastic way to promote your business, product or service. They come in many variations including Freepool Numbers, Phone Names and Phone Words, making them a lot more than just phone numbers. They are proven to increase response rates from marketing activities and generate more calls for your business.

There are many ways in which you can use a 1300 number to boost your business presence and gain more exposure. Just having a 1300 number sends a message that you’re a business which services clients beyond the local area, expanding your target market and giving it more exposure.

Get a 1300 Phone Name

1300 phone names are excellent way to promote your business name every time someone looks at or dials your phone number. They work exceptionally well when displayed on your business stationery, marketing collateral, the website, and any business signage. The phone name will be constantly reinforcing your brand and adding further exposure to your business name.

Use a 1300 Phone Word to Promote Your Product or Service

Phone words are up to 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers. Apart from being easy to remember, they make a strong impression and are an excellent addition to any marketing activity. Similar to phone names, they are designed to be constantly promoting your business and its product or service.

Get Remembered with a Premium 1300 Number

If a phone name or a phone word is not appropriate for your business, but you still want to make a strong impression, then a highly memorable number sequence might be the solution. There is a huge range of 1300 smart numbers with high recall number patterns still available. Even though they don’t spell a name or a word, they make a definite impact and are much easier to remember than ordinary numbers.

Keep the Same Number for the Life of the Business

Changing business phone numbers when relocating premises or expanding the business is not ideal. Any previous marketing investment in the number is wasted and you have to start again. 1300 numbers are completely portable and can be used across multiple sites. That way you only need one number, regardless of your business location or the number of offices.

1300 numbers are fast becoming a ‘must have’ for businesses of all sizes. Apart from making an impact, they come with features and functions that traditional phone numbers simply can’t match.

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