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Get Some Muscle With a Phone Word

There are many reasons why a business would get a 1300 number. Apart from the variety of call handling features and functions which make the number a powerful business tool, 1300 numbers are also available as phone words.

Phone words are a fantastic marketing and promotional tool, and studies have shown that they are a lot more memorable than numeric numbers, and even URLs.

1300 Numbers Will Make You Stand Out and a Phone Word Will Get You Remembered

Although we do live in a digital age, traditional media and forms of promoting a business is still very dominant and an integral part of marketing. Radio, TV, print media and display signage all require a direct form of communication to be truly effective, and in most cases the telephone is still the best way.

A 1300 number will always make an impression but a 1300 phone word will be even more effective. Customers are more likely to remember it rather than having to look it up or write it down.

Phone Words Can Make a Greater Impact Than URLs

Some studies have shown that phone words are even more memorable than URLs. Perhaps it’s the novelty of seeing a name incorporated in a number that sticks in a consumer’s mind. It is also a direct means of getting in touch with the business and that generally makes people remember it more easily.


URLs are now everywhere but 1300 phone words are still reasonably unique and that makes them stand out and be quite memorable. Using both in promoting the business will ensure maximum results.

A Phone Word Has a Higher Recall Rate Than a Numeric Number

According to many studies, a phone word is a lot easier to remember than a numeric number. This is even the case with some platinum numbers. Take 13CABS as an example. Even though 13CABS translates to 132227, which is regarded as a platinum number, 13CABS has a much higher recall rate. That’s the reason why all the marketing revolves around the phone word rather than the number.

13-1300-1800 PRICING

1300 numbers are a great way for a business to make an impression and show that it is serious about communicating with its customers. But a 1300 phone word will take it to the next level and deliver the full benefits that a 1300 number can bring to a business.



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