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Get Smart with a Smart Number

1300 smart numbers are a fantastic way to promote your business, products and services and come in two versions. They can either spell a word or a name, where the caller uses the telephone alphanumeric keypad; or have a highly memorable sequence or pattern.

Among many others, some of the key benefits that smart numbers can bring to a business are memorability and the extensive choice of numbers. And that means you can get a number that best suits your business and does a lot more than just being a number.

They Are Easy to Remember

Both phone names and word numbers are up to 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers. Smart numbers with an easy to remember sequence are also highly memorable and excellent for promotional and marketing purposes.

Promote Your Business Name, Product or Service

A smart number that spells the business' name, product or service is promoting the business even when people aren't dialling it. Just displaying the number is of marketing value.


You can also boost your business image by having the business name incorporated in the 1300 number. Imagine every time someone dials your number, they are also dialling your business name. Its an excellent marketing tool and a great way to promote your business name. 

Keep the Same Number for the Life of the Business

The number is fully portable, regardless of the business' location. So if your business moves, expands or changes premises, the number stays with it and there is no need to change it. And that is good news if there are a lot of people that know it.

1300 numbers are national numbers that are not restricted by a geographical area. You can also use the same number for a number of locations, regardless of where they are. So as long as your business owns the ROU (rights of use) it remains to be your asset.





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