The Silly Season Is About to Start. We’re Here to Help!

Sometimes, everyone needs a break. Whether it's a long weekend, an offsite team building exercise, or an office party. And of course, there are also times during the year when the office is unattended like public holidays. But business rarely stops and that’s when a short term phone answering service comes to the rescue.

The short term answering service is designers to relieve the reception staff and small business operators during unusually busy periods or when the office is unattended. Here are some of the most common times when the service is used.

Team Functions and Events

Whether it’s a business off-site day for some team bonding exercises, or just an afternoon office party to celebrate the wins, it's important to include everyone. And that means the reception staff and members of the team that take care of the inbound calls.

Routing the office number or the business mobiles to the live answering service will ensure everyone gets the most out of the occasion while the business continues to operate.

Public Holidays

There are times during the year that state public holidays are not in line with each other. Although it may be a public holiday in one state, its business as usual in others. If your business services clients from around Australia, it’s a good idea to ensure that any inbound calls are handled as they usually would. A short term answering service would solve that problem and everyone can have that well-deserved day off.

Holiday Season

During the Christmas break, a lot of businesses take some extra time off and close their offices in between the public holidays.

But for a lot of customers, the holidays period doesn't stop them from calling. By engaging a virtual receptionist to take care of the calls, callers are able to speak to a real person to leave their message instead of reaching the voicemail. The operators will explain the change in operating hours during the holiday season. A message is then taken and sent to your designated email and/or SMS, so you can get back to the caller when it best suits you during your time off.

There are many other instances where a short term phone answering service can be used to assist. Reception staff sick leave and annual leave, unusually busy periods or during marketing campaigns, are just some of them. So, take care of business while you some time out.



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