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Managing incoming calls to the main business number is proving to become a challenge during these unusual times. It’s a crucial business function and may be the difference between attracting and retaining customers or not. As more businesses slow down or make the switch to a partial or a completely remote workforce, a phone answering service may be the perfect solution.

Handle Calls with Ease

With a remote workforce it can be difficult to manage incoming calls and transfer them to the correct person. Not working at the same premises can create confusion when transferring calls and can lead to the customer waiting on hold for long periods of time.

To help simplify the call process, a telephone answering service is an ideal way to ensure calls are answered quickly and in a professional manner. Our operators will answer on behalf of your business and take a detailed message to send to you and your team. Calls can also be transferred directly to the required team member.

Excellent Alternative to Voicemail

Customers always appreciate being assisted as quickly as possible by a real person. Using an answering service while the business is adjusting to this difficult trading environment is an excellent way to ensure you never miss a call. It also gives callers reassurance and creates a positive customer experience from speaking to someone instead of an answering machine.

Reception Staff for A Fraction of The Cost

One of the challenges many businesses are facing right now is figuring out who will answer the calls while no one is at the office. You and your staff have important responsibilities and delegating the role of a receptionist can take you away from other work.

A telephone answering service is an ideal way to ensure all your calls are answered correctly and at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated receptionist. Our telephone answering operators will answer all calls in a professional and timely manner, and then either transfer them to the required team member or take a message. That way your business image is maintained at the highest possible level and your staff can get on with their tasks.

During these times, it can be difficult to adapt to new circumstances. A live telephone answering service is just another way to help you and your business ride through these challenging business conditions.

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