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Make Your Business Even More Outstanding

Image isn’t everything but it’s a big part of any business success! And 1300 numbers are an excellent way to boost a business’ image, especially if it's a SOHO. But that’s only the start!

Boost Business Presence

1300 numbers are a better alternative to local numbers, and even more so to a mobile number. It will ensure that your business projects a successful image and there is no doubt in the customer’s mind that you have the resources to service them.

After all, how many times have we been reluctant to do business with very small operators? Questioning whether they have the resources to keep on servicing us as clients and if they will still be around in the near future.

A 1300 number will give an impression that your business is well-established and eliminate any doubts in the customer's mind. 

Improve Call Handling Efficiency

Business 1300 numbers come with an auto attendant or IVR function which enables the call to be directed to the appropriate answering point depending on the option chosen by the caller. This is an excellent feature for SOHO businesses and will allow you to better manage your inbound calls.

You can set up a very basic IVR with two or three options and have them routed to the appropriate answering point. As an example, you could have 1 for Sales and route the call to the mobile number, 2 for Accounts and route it to the included voice 2 email service, and 3 for Customer Service and route it to either the same or another mobile, or the office number. It's an excellent way to ensure that every call is handled appropriately and creates a positive caller experience.

Enhance Your Marketing

1300 numbers make it more appealing for customers to call your business. They are proven to increase marketing response rates, especially when compared to mobile numbers. Getting a 1300 number will expand your market and generate more calls. You can further improve your marketing material with an easy to remember smart number.

Business 1300 numbers are an excellent business tool for SOHO businesses. Not only will the number enhance your business image and generate better marketing results; it will also help you manage your inbound calls, eliminating that constant juggle.



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