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9 Benefits of a Live Answering Service


Thinking about making the switch to a live answering service? Beyond improving customer satisfaction, a live answering service can provide a range of opportunities for small, medium and large businesses that choose to use one. If you’re on the fence and considering hiring an in-house receptionist instead, read through to learn more about the benefits of a live answering service and how one can help your business appear more professional and operate more efficiently.

1. Reduced Costs

Hiring employees is the highest overhead any business has. A full-time receptionist will cost you $25-$30 per hour. On a 40-hour week, that’s between $1000-$1200! And then you need to factor in payroll taxes, leave and superannuation entitlements. On top of that, if your phone is busy you may need to hire more than one! 

On the other hand, our pro receptionist plan is $200 a month. The savings speak for themselves. 

2. Low Commitment

Aside from the financial burden of a full-time employee, there’s also a lot of commitment involved in hiring that your business may not be prepared for. A salary, super contributions, company-wide benefits and a lock-in contract all need to be considered. A virtual receptionist provides the same benefits of a receptionist without this level of commitment. When you source a live answering service, you will have multiple receptionists on hand to handle all your incoming calls. By utilising a virtual receptionist, you never have to worry about missed calls, sick days or anything else that comes with having a full-time receptionist on payroll.

3. Eliminate Training Expenses 

You can also avoid the cost to train an in-house receptionist. At Business 1300, all our live answering, Australia-based operators are trained locally to professionally handle any call. This means that your business will always display first-rate customer service, without investing time and money in training up your staff.

4. Always Sound Professional

Handling calls professionally is at the forefront of everything we do. At Business 1300 we are committed to answering each call exactly how you want us to. With the option to tailor the answering service to suit your business requirement, our operators effectively work as your employees to answer calls as if they're based on your business’ premises.

5. Work Effectively With Remote Teams

Adjusting to the new remote working environment the ongoing pandemic has brought about? As working from home becomes more popular, implementing a live answering service that can adapt to the challenges of telecommuting is crucial. Even if your entire organisation operates virtually, the caller doesn’t have to know this. By using a call answering service, you can route calls or deliver messages exactly to who they're supposed to go to.

6. Receive All Messages Directly

One of our receptionists will retrieve all your messages instantly and deliver them via email or SMS as soon as they are received. No more waiting until the end of the day to get notified about calls or losing the call slip all together, our seamless phone answering service ensures no call is ever missed.

7. Make Your Business Seem More Established

Similar to a 13, 1300 or 1800 number, a live answering service can make your business seem more established. If your company is in its growth phase or even if you're a small business, you can make your team seem much larger by setting up a live answering service that helps your callers.

8. Use a Phone System Without Any Hardware

No equipment required! A good way to keep overheads to a minimum is by minimising spending on expensive hardware and equipment. With Business 1300 you can keep your number, but easily set up your calls to route to our cost effective 24 hour telephone answering service.

9. Customise Your Service

With Business 1300, you can write a custom script, implement a custom outbound call process to your team members, or get operations to take bookings on behalf of your business. We know the way calls are answered is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and neither is our service.

If you need help deciding which service is best for you, our customer service team is happy to help. Contact us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

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