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A Guide to 13 Numbers


No matter the size of your business, looking professional is always a top priority. Purchasing a custom 13 number can help impress your customers and sharpen your company profile. Easy to remember and contactable from any region in Australia, a 13 number allows your business to take control of incoming calls and direct them wherever you want, in real time!

Brand awareness, market perception, geographic reach - With a 13 number, your business can achieve all of this and more! Read on to learn more about 13 inbound numbers and why purchasing one for your business could be a gamechanger. 

What is a 13 number?

A 13 number is a 6-digit Australian wide inbound number that begins with 13 and is followed by four unique digits. 13 numbers can only receive calls and are typically used as a single point of contact for small to enterprise sized businesses across Australia. 

Setting up a 13 number is simple with Business 1300. No cabling or costly infrastructure required for installation - all 13 numbers can be set up using existing landlines and mobile networks no matter your location. 

How do 13 numbers work?

13 numbers can be routed and configured to change throughout the time of day and depending on the geographic region the call is coming from. There are also a range of features that can be added to a 13 number plan, including live answering services and IVR. With a 13 number, customers can get in touch with you from any fixed line in Australia, paying only the cost of a local call. 

Providing tailored solutions for businesses across Australia, Business 1300 is your one-stop-shop for inbound numbers. Get in touch with the team today at 1300 00 1300 and we’ll be happy to assist you further. 

Benefits of a 13 Number

13 numbers offer a range of benefits. They are punchy and short, making them easy for any caller to remember. This sort of recall can be incredibly valuable for your business, especially when being used as a marketing tool to attract potential customers.

13 Number Plans

Appear More Professional

Give your brand an embellished look and make a lasting first impression by purchasing a 13 number. By expanding your reach and allowing you to keep the same number for the lifetime of your business, 13 numbers give you the option to handle calls in a range of ways.

Gather insights

Purchasing a 13 number can help give insights on your business. Offering visibility over incoming call traffic, peak times and caller location, you can gain a better understanding of your current customers and how to engage new ones.

Manage Calls More Efficiently

For businesses that receive hundreds, even thousands of calls a day, ensuring they are handled accordingly is crucial to ensure excellent customer service. Managing incoming call flows can be made easy with a 13 number. Easily scalable, you can direct calls any which way and go mobile at any time.  

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