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13 Numbers Cost vs Benefits


Seize the Market with a 13 Number

In terms of functions, there is no difference between 1300/1800 and 13 Numbers. Both deliver the same functionality and can be set up in exactly the same way.

But there is a significant difference in cost and you would have to weigh up the pros and cons of getting a 13 number before going ahead.

Difference Between 13 and 1300/1800 Numbers

There are essentially 2 differences between the prefixes. The number of digits; 13 numbers are only 6 digits long and 1300/1800 numbers are 10 digits long; and the monthly cost.

13 numbers attract an ACMA Government Fee of $695 per month. The same numbering fee for 1300 and 1800 numbers is only $1 p.a. and is usually absorbed by the carrier. The additional ACMA charge is a significant addition to the cost of the 13 numberSo what benefits can justify such an expense?

They Are Short and Easy to Remember

Being only 6 digits long, 13 numbers are a lot more memorable, especially if they have an easy to remember pattern or used as a word number. After all, remembering a 6 digit number is a lot easier than a 10 digit number.

For companies that advertise through radio, TV or display advertising, using a high recall number can make a significant difference to the success of the advertising campaign. Given that these campaigns often cost many thousands of dollars, an additional monthly fee of $695 is well and truly justified.

They Make You Look 'BIG'

13 numbers deliver an image that is often associated with big business. They project an image of a truly national business, a company that is a serious player in the market place.

For a company that competes with those businesses it may be important to project such an image. If that’s the case, then the fee of $695 per month is a relatively small price to pay.

Before Choosing the Number

Ask Yourself These Questions

Will my company be marketing through mass media like radio, TV or display advertising? Will having an easy to remember, short number be of benefit?

Does my company need to project an image of a truly national business? Are you competing against large companies?

Can I justify the additional $695 per month on top of the 13 number cost? Will the number generate the additional revenue through an increase in marketing response rates and a boost in business presence?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of those questions, then you should seriously consider getting a 13 number for your business.

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