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How UK International Toll Free Numbers Can Help Your Business Grow

How UK International Toll Free Numbers Can Help Your Business Grow

The UK has always been a natural choice of overseas market for Australian businesses. A shared language and similar culture mean that many organisations are quickly able to find a natural home in the British Isles, helping them rapidly develop their overseas presence.

Key to this is the right tools. While a deep understanding of your overseas market is essential, it’s important to build systems that make it easy and straightforward for potential customers to contact you. For that reason, many Australian businesses consider purchasing a toll-free UK international telephone number, allowing customers to easily speak to your local business. Called 808 numbers in the UK, these toll-free numbers can help you stand out in a country that has over 65 million potential customers  . Read on and learn how in this blog from Business 1300.

What is an 808 Number?

An 808 number is a toll-free (also known locally as freephone) number specific to the UK. As such, 808 numbers cost nothing for users to call from UK landlines, mobile phones and some public phones, providing a fast and easy way for customers to reach your business. Offering the same value to both business and consumer as an 800 number, 808 numbers allow you to make it easy for customers and prospects to reach you without worrying about the cost.

What are 808 Numbers Used For?

808 numbers are ideal for any business looking to decrease barriers to entry and increase retention. Depending on the nature of their business, organisations have deployed toll-free numbers that connect to their sales team, customer service line or head office, whatever they believe is going to provide the most value to their customers.

With Business 1300’s advanced call routing features, we can extend that connection, allowing your British customers to talk effortlessly to your Australian business. Our UK international telephone numbers make it easy for your business to stay local, wherever you are.



What are the Benefits of an 808 Number?

An 808 number offers all the benefits of an Australian toll-free number, with the added bonus of helping you connect to a new market of more than 65 million people. But what else can an 808 number do for you?


Build Credibility and Improve Reach

A toll-free number is a mark of professionalism, helping your business stand out from the crowd. With an 808 number, you can market your business to the British public as an established and respected player in your market. Additionally – just like a New Zealand 0800 number – a UK 808 number can help to remove barriers to entry, making it oh so easy for prospective customers to pick up the phone and start working with you immediately. After all, customers are more likely to call when they know they won’t be charged.

Integrate It Into Your Marketing

Every second your customers are thinking about your business, interacting with it or looking at something related to it is an opportunity to build your brand – 808 numbers are no exception. With the ability to pick your own number, businesses have the chance to integrate their toll free UK international number into their marketing, a series of numbers relevant to your organisation. What’s more, you can increase brand retention by selecting a snappy or easy to remember number, ensuring that when someone does realise they need a product, your business is top of mind. The result? A higher profile, more inbound calls and more opportunities to connect with leads.


How Much Do 808 Numbers Cost?

When you choose the right number, it’s less than you think! Business 1300 makes it simple and easy for Australian businesses to access international toll free numbers in a cost-effective way, giving you unparalleled reach without cutting into your budget.

Our UK and US international numbers are offered on zero lock-in plans, with minimal start up fees and at some of the most competitive call rates in the industry. If you’re looking to improve your cut-through with your customers – whether they’re based in Australia or overseas – enquire with Business 1300 today and find out how we could support you.