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Be 5x More Memorable

Get Noticed with a Smart Number

Smart Numbers are 13/1300 and 1800 numbers that either have a memorable numeric pattern (such as 1300 00 1300), spell a word (such as 1300 RUBBISH), or a name (such as 1300 HILTON) using the phone's alphanumeric keypad. Being 5x more memorable than a standard landline or mobile number, Smart numbers are the perfect way to make a lasting impression on your callers. 


Generate More Enquiries

Smart Numbers make an impression and are easy to remember. Not only do they have the 'wow' factor and are promoting your business by just being displayed, they're also proven to be more memorable. And that means more calls leading to more business.

Be 5x More Memorable

Smart Numbers are 5x more memorable than ordinary phone numbers like a standard landline or mobile. They make a strong impression when displayed and are more likely to be remembered.

Strengthen Your Business Image

Displaying the number on the company website, business signage and other promotional material creates a strong first impression. It installs credibility and strengthens the image, and that means more customer enquiries.

We'll Help You Find the Right Number for Your Business

With so many available options, choosing the right 13, 1300 or 1800 number can at times become overwhelming. Searching the ACMA database for a suitable number takes time and experience. We 'live and breathe' business solutions and our extensive experience means we understand your needs.

Here's How it Works

We'll Search the Database for You

Our team of inbound specialists will search the ACMA database to find the right number for your business.

You Purchase the Number

Once you've decided on a number, our team will help you purchase the number and transfer the Rights of Use into your name.

Connect Your Number from Only $5 per Month

Once your number has been purchased, you can connect it to a plan starting from only $5 per month to start taking calls.


Free Search and Advice
Huge Range of Numbers to Choose From

Types of Smart Numbers

There are 3 types of Smart Numbers. Phone Names usually spell the name of the business and are an excellent way to promote the business brand. Phone Words can incorporate the product, service or an action word that represents the business. And High Recall numbers which have a highly memorable numeric pattern.

Phone Names

Phone Names are a fantastic way to build brand awareness by incorporating your business name in the number. Just displaying it promotes your brand and every time someone 'dials' your number, they're also dialling your business name. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to find out if your business name is available.


Phone Words

Smart Numbers can also spell the name of the product, service or industry. They're up to 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers and are an excellent way to enhance your marketing and increase response rates. There are still 1000's of phone words available to choose from.


High Recall Numbers

High Recall Numbers with a memorable numeric pattern are an excellent alternative to Phone Names and Phone Words. Their easy to remember sequence creates a valuable marketing asset and can help you generate more enquiries.


Over 1.5 Million Numbers Still Available

There are still over 1.5 million numbers available to purchase. Even though many generic word numbers have already been allocated, there are a lot of variations still available. A common practice is to use a number before the required word. As an example, the word DISPLAY can be used very effectively with a '2' or a '4' in front of it e.g. 1300 2 DISPLAY or 1300 4 DISPLAY. There is also a huge range of highly memorable numeric sequence numbers available. These are an excellent alternative when your ideal phone word or phone name has already been taken.



How Much Do Smart Numbers Cost?

Numbers are purchased through ACMA and vary in price (allocation charge) based on their word value or memorability. Prices range between $250 and $20,000, with the majority of numbers starting at $250.

Smart Number Benefits

See How a Smart Number Can Help Your Business


Connect Your Number from $5 per Month

Business 1300 is one of Australia's leading providers of inbound numbers. You can connect your 13, 1300 or 1800 number to one of our highly competitive plans from as little as $5 per month. See our Plans and Pricing for more information.

Once you buy the number and the ROU is allocated to you or your business, it has to be connected to a networkOur ultra-competitive plans start from $5 per Month.

  • Includes a Full Range of Features and Functions
  • Ultra-Competitive Pricing
  • Call Credits Included

Need Some Help Choosing a Smart Number?

We'll Find the Right Number for Your Business

Let us do all the hard work and search the ACMA database for a selection of Smart Numbers to choose from. Business1300 offers a Free Search and Advice service to help you get the right number for your business. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

Smart Numbers FAQs

What is a Smart Number?

Smart Numbers are 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers that have a memorable numeric pattern or spell a word using the phone's alphanumeric keypad.

How Much do Smart Numbers Cost?

Smart Number prices start from $250. Numbers are purchased through ACMA and vary in price (allocation charge) based on their word value or memorability.

What if the Smart Number I Want is Not Available?

It can take a bit of time and patience to find a good Smart Number that is available and best suited to your business and budget. If your first option for a Smart Number as a 1300 number is unavailable, try it as a 1800 number instead. You can also spell out a phoneword using a number that sounds like a word, i.e four.

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