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Do You Need a Business Phone Number?

Business contact numbers are what differentiate professionals from connoisseurs. With many businesses these days choosing to forgo the traditional bricks and mortar shop front or office, having a dedicated line for your customers to easily reach you is crucial.

Read on to learn more about the business numbers available through Business 1300, including features, pricing and which one is best suited for your business needs.

Enhance Your Business Presence with a Virtual Number Bundle

Virtual phone bundles can open up more doors for a business. Providing low cost flexibility and functionality, you can ensure your business makes a great first impression, every time.

This incomparable marketing tool can extend your reach far beyond your postcode. It also can help further establish your business, especially if you are a small business or even a larger company looking to expand your reach. 

Combining a 1300 or 1800 number with a professional phone answering service, you can take advantage of a call management system that allows your business to establish a local presence, no matter where you’re located in Australia.


Choosing the Right Business Number 

Choosing the right number will depend on a range of factors, including: what level of service you can provide, how you want potential prospects to perceive your brand, and what features you are looking for.

Business 1300 offers a selection of business inbound numbers that can completely revamp the way your business operates. When it comes to choosing a business number, it’s not if you should invest in one, but instead which one is best suited for your business.

Types of Business Numbers

Offering all the features and ultra competitive plans, choosing a business number is simple with Business 1300. With a range of 1300, 1800 and 13 number plans available, low call rates are just the beginning. 

1800 Numbers

1800 numbers, also known as toll free numbers, make it easier for customers to reach you, and the best part is - it doesn’t cost them a thing. Making it simple and straightforward for customers to get in touch with a real person means improving overall service and satisfaction.

1300 Numbers

Starting at just $5 per month, a 1300 number offers complete flexibility. Providing a single number for callers across Australia, you can project a more developed business with a national footprint. Charging callers at a local call rate from any phone line, including mobile, we simplify the process of getting in touch with your business.

13 Numbers

Easy to remember and used regularly in advertising, 13 numbers are typically associated with larger scale, national companies - so if your business is new to market or smaller than competitors, it pays to project a similar image. Only 6 digits long, 13 numbers are potentially the most memorable business number, which means more calls when advertised.

Smart Numbers

Smart numbers are more than just a number and implement a memorable numeric pattern to spell out a word or phrase by using the phone’s alphanumeric keypad. Becoming increasingly more popular, they can generate quicker response rates from advertising and marketing efforts.

Business Number FAQs

Do I Need a Business Phone Number?

Yes, all businesses need a phone number. While companies are starting to move to digital platforms and social media, having a phone line that customers can reach you on is still very important. 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers give your business scalability and flexibility, allowing you to grow at a faster rate.

How Do I Get a Business Phone Number?

Getting an inbound number for your business is simple with Business 1300. If you’re interested in a particular number, contact us for free search and advice to check if the number is available for purchase. If you’re not sure which option to choose, the team at Business 1300 can help finding the right number for your business. Contact the team today at 1300 00 1300.

Can I Get a Phone Number Without a Phone?

The beauty of inbound business numbers is that a fixed landline is not required, giving your business much more flexibility when receiving calls. No more being tied to a desk - inbound numbers are 100% mobile and can be transferred to any line across the country with the click of a button.