Huge Range of 1800 Numbers to Choose From

1800 numbers are 10-digit inbound numbers where the call is free for the caller if dialled from an Australian phone line. That's why they are often called Free Call or Toll Free Numbers. Similar to 1300 numbers, they are Australia wide national numbers and there is no need to use an area code when dialling from within Australia.

Account holders of 1800 numbers are charged a per minute rate for all calls to the number. The rate depends on where the call originates from; whether it is made via a landline or a mobile and where the 1800 number is routed to.


1800 Features to Make Your Business Stand Out

1800 numbers come with a host of features to make your business stand out from the crowd. Choose features that best suit your requirements to ensure every call creates an outstanding caller experience.

  • Business Intro Message - promote your business at the start of every call.

  • Auto Attendant - transfer calls directly to the appropriate answering point.

  • Voice2Email - use when calls are unable to be taken.

  • Geo Routing Functions - route calls to the appropriate answering point based on the call origin.

  • Time Based Routing - route calls to the appropriate answering point based on the time of the call.

  • Call Handling Functions - choose from multiple options including Call Alert and Call Overflow.


How a 1800 Number Can Help Your Business

  • Increase sales enquiries and gain an edge on your competitors by offering a Free Call option. Calls to a 1800 number are free from any Australian phone line including mobiles.

  • Create goodwill and increased customer satisfaction by offering the Free Call option.

  • Streamline your call handling process and project a more professional image with included features like Business Intro Message and Auto Attendant.
  • Ensure that your business never has to change its number. It comes with a variety of geographic routing options which means that your business only needs one number regardless of its location and the number of branches.
  • Only inbound numbers come with the option of choosing a memorable and easy to remember smart number.

  • Included call handling features such as call overflow and call distributor will ensure that your business creates an outstanding caller experience.

1800 Plans from $15 per Month Including 100% Call Credits

Our range of ultra competitive 1800 plans start at $15 per Month. There is no contract and all plans have monthly access fees that come with equal amount of call credits. Our Pro $45 plan offers the cheapest call rates and includes $45 worth of call credits. All standard plans come with a complete set of features and functions including Auto Attendant (IVR), Business Intro Message, Voice2Email, and a wide range of call handling and management functions.

Our 1800 number has been very helpful in engaging our customers, especially because it is a free call number. Being in the health industry, we want our customers to be encouraged to contact us and that's what the free call feature does. The 1800 number, which is also a phone name, has been very successful for our business.

Jesse H - Business Manager

Critical Information Summary

Tailored Corporate 1800 Plans

Our high volume 1800 Corporate Plans can save you as much as 50% on your existing rates. We also have Post Code Prompting and a Pro Voice Message and IVR Recording Service for a complete corporate 1800 solution. Call us on 1300 00 1300 or CLICK HERE to discuss your requirements and request a tailored proposal.