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Quick Guide to Phone Answering Services


Never Miss a Call

Professional phone answering services are a popular way to ensure every call is handled by a live operator and your business maintains a professional image. Whether you need a live answering service to take care of all inbound calls; to relieve the reception staff during the busy periods or while they’re away; or need an after-hours or an emergency answering service; there is a business phone answering service to suit your requirements.

Business 24/7 Messages

As with all answering services, calls are answered by a live operator with a greeting of your choice. This could be in the name of the company or your personal name, some business people use the service instead of voicemail. The caller is informed that the person or department is unavailable to take the call, and a message is taken. A standard message includes 4 pieces of information, which is typically the name of the caller, their company name, the phone number, and the actual message. The way the call is handled is fully customised to your business needs, including scripting of what is said by the operator. The message is then sent via email and SMS. Business 24/7 messages is ideal as a backup to in-house phone answering duties, special projects and campaigns, as well as an after-hours service.

Business Team Messages

A business team messaging service works the same as the business 24/7 messages, with the added benefit of being able to send messages to individual team members. It’s usually answered in the company name and when the caller asks for a specific person, a message is sent directly to them. If the call is of generic nature or the person asked for isn’t on the list of team members, a message is sent to a designated person. This type of service has several applications and is an ideal backup for general reception duties managing calls for multiple people.

Virtual Reception

This is a complete phone answering service where calls are transferred to the person being asked for. It can also be answered in both company and personal name, and if the call is unable to be transferred, a message is taken. You can have one or several people that calls are transferred to. And of course, all scripting used by the operator is fully customised. Virtual reception can be used for a variety of requirements including replacement of in-house phone answering duties, an executive answering service, or as a backup during the busy periods.

Bespoke Services

If your business has specific requirements, which may include the use of a CRM, a booking platform or a ticketing system, then this type of service is best suited. A specific team of call centre operators are trained in the use of the system and executing specific instructions, which may include accepting bookings or lodging customer service tickets. Messages are also sent to confirm when a call is taken. Unlike other services, where there is typically a set cost per call, bespoke services attract a timed call charge. The cost depends upon the length of the call and how long it takes to execute the instructions.

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Phone Answering Services

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