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Virtual Receptionist vs In-House


Virtual Still Means a Real Person

A virtual receptionist service is becoming a popular way to reduce expenses and use staff resources in a more efficient manner. Whether your business has a dedicated receptionist or shares the responsibility between other staff members, there are some good reasons why you should consider a virtual receptionist for your business.

No Sick Days or Holidays

A virtual reception service operates 24/7/365. It is there when you need it. It doesn’t take breaks, sick days or holidays. No need to allocate the responsibility to untrained and often unwilling staff members.

You Only Pay for Actual Calls Received

You don’t pay for someone to sit around and wait for the calls to come through. There is no need to try to find tasks and things for them to do in between calls.

Calls are Answered Professionally Every Time

Most business receptionists have other tasks to do in between calls. And businesses that don’t have a dedicated resource often allocate it to staff members that are busy doing their job. And that means that at one time or another they may be too distracted to answer the call with the right level of enthusiasm and professionalism.

Get More Productivity from Your Staff

In the absence of a dedicated receptionist, most businesses allocate the task to either administration or the sales team. General inbound calls create distractions from their work and productivity is lost.

Save Money with a Virtual Receptionist

Depending on the number of calls being received on a daily basis, for many businesses a virtual receptionist is the cheaper option to employing a full time receptionist. And then of course there are other telephone answering services that may be used to assist.

Modern communication technology has enabled the virtual receptionist to be a genuine alternative to in-house reception. Tailored solutions in how calls are handled enable most businesses to incorporate this service into their operations. Of course there may be exceptions, but for a lot of businesses this service is the right solution.

Virtual Reception Services

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