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One Essential Question You Must Ask Before Getting a 1300 Number


Make Sure You Have No Regrets

A 1300 number is fast becoming a ‘must get’ for a lot of businesses. Their popularity is gaining new heights, especially 1300 smart numbers and phone words. But there is a catch if you’re not careful and it’s important that you ask this question of the provider before getting a 1300 number.

Can I Take the Number to a Provider of My Choice, at Any Time and at No Cost?

If the answer is no, then carefully consider what you’re signing up to, as you may regret the decision in the long run. Especially after you have invested money into promoting the number.

This Is Why It's Important the Answer is 'Yes'

There are two types of 1300 numbers. Free pool numbers are issued free of charge to the end user and are accessed by the Inbound Providers from a large database managed by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority).

Smart numbers and phone words are purchased through ACMA and vary in prices depending on the number’s sequence and memorability.

Freepool 1300 Numbers

Similar to other numbers such as landline and mobile, these numbers are issued for Inbound Number Providers to allocate to new connections. Once connected, the number is assigned to the end user and they should be free to change providers at any time. That is unless the provider is leasing the numbers to them, in which case they retain the rights of use.

It is important to check the Terms and Conditions when connecting the number, otherwise you might be stuck with that one provider and never have 100% control over the number.

Smart Numbers and Phone Words

There are two ways of getting a smart number for your business. You can either buy it and become the ROU (rights of use) holder or lease it from an existing holder. There is not much choice if the number had been previously purchased through ACMA and the provider holds the rights. It is unlikely they will sell it to you at a reasonable price. Leasing the number allows you to use it, but only as long as you pay the monthly fee and it is connected to that provider’s network. Otherwise it may be allocated to someone else, most likely your competitor.

If the number is still available, you should ensure that the ROU is allocated to your business and you have 100% ownership. That’s the only way to create a genuine business asset and allows you to trade the number or sell it with the business.

Having 100% control over the 1300 number is very important. After you build its popularity and invest marketing dollars in its promotion, the last thing you’d want to happen is for the number to go to one of your competitors.

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