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How to Choose the Right 1300 Number for Your Business


Many Options With Easy Choices

Regardless of the type of 1300 number you choose, it's an excellent way to boost business presence, ensure that your business has the same number even if it changes locations and provide you with some fantastic call handling and routing features.

But there are a number of questions than need to be asked before choosing the right 1300 number for your business.

What's the Primary Objective?

In other words, am I getting the 1300 number to improve the call handling process and boost business presence, more so than for marketing purposes? If the answer is yes, then a freepool number would be more than suitable.

Free Pool Numbers are issued by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) and managed by INMS (Industry Number Management Services). They are a selection of random numbers and usually have no pattern to them or spell any words. If your objective is to have a business number with access to extensive call handling and routing options, this is a great and very affordable choice.

Do I Need an Easy to Remember Number?

If the objective is to promote the business and the number to be used for marketing purposes, then a Smart Number would be a better choice. They are easy to remember and generate a better response rate from advertising campaigns.

Smart Numbers come in two formats. They can either have an easy to remember number sequence like 1300 000 300, or they can incorporate a phone word that is based on the alphanumeric keypad e.g. 13 CLOUD (13 2568).

Do I Want to Promote My Business Name or Its Product or Service?

Phone Names and Phone Words are an excellent way to be constantly promoting the name of the business, product or service. They spell the word through the alphanumeric keypad, so rather than remembering a sequence of numbers, you only have to remember the name. They are 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers and are a fantastic way to boost marketing and advertising campaigns, dramatically increasing the response rates.

Should I Lease or Buy the Number?

The only way to truly create a business asset in the 1300 number is to become its ROU (rights of use) holder. When leasing the number, the ROU is retained by the lessee and any marketing investment in the number is effectively theirs. It is therefore recommended that wherever possible, you actually buy the number and become the ROU holder.

When choosing a 1300 number for your business, taking some time out to consider the options and your business objectives will ensure that you never have to change the number again. And that is good news as it means you retain the goodwill created when promoting the number.

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