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1300 Numbers vs Traditional Landline Numbers


Get More Calls With a 1300 Number

1300 numbers differ considerably from traditional landline numbers. They come with features and functions that set them apart and deliver functionality that landline numbers can’t match. Here’s some key differences between these two types of business numbers.

Made for Inbound Calls

1300 numbers were specifically created for inbound calls and to overcome limitations of landline numbers which are usually attached to a telephone service for the purpose of making and receiving calls. Their features and functions are designed to increase the number of inbound calls and create an outstanding caller experience, leading to more business and happier customers.

Geographic Restrictions

Landline numbers are allocated to local exchanges and have a local number prefix. That creates restrictions in terms of number portability, nationwide exposure and the call cost to the caller. 1300 numbers are truly an Australia wide national number that has the same prefix regardless of where it’s dialled from in Australia.

Portability and One Business Number

A 1300 number is not restricted to any particular local exchange and is fully portable, which means it stays with the business regardless of location. For multi-site operations, its features and functions allow the business to have just one Australia wide national number.

Call Handling Options

A 1300 number offers a much broader range of call handling options than a landline number. Features such as Auto Attendant (IVR), Voice2Email and the ability to play Promotional Messages make them superior to landline numbers.

Call Routing Options

Although landline numbers can be diverted to another number, they lack the flexibility of 1300 numbers and their routing options. Calls to a 1300 number can be routed to one or a number of answering points, which can be a landline or a mobile number. They can be routed depending on where the call originates from as well as the time of the call. Call overflow enables calls to be routed to another answering point if the first one is engaged or unable to take the call.

Memorability and Marketing Value

Landline numbers are limited in terms of available sequences and memorability. A 1300 number is available in easy to remember formats including phone names and phone words. They are proven to increase marketing response rates and generate more calls.

1300 numbers were made to generate more inbound calls and improve the way they are handled. Their features and functions are designed to create an outstanding caller experience, and ensure that the business maximises its return on marketing investment. Landline numbers have a much simpler function and that’s really just to make and receive calls.

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Get Better Marketing Response Rates with a 1300 Number

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