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1300 Numbers vs Mobile Numbers


Mobiles Are Great. But Not For Everything.

There is no doubt that a mobile phone is essential to do business, you really can’t go without it. But advertising your mobile number may not be the way to go and 1300 numbers offer a much better option.

Many SOHO and small business operators, in particular the trades sector, advertise their mobile number as the main point of contact. And they may be losing business as well as missing out on some great features and functions that would make their life a lot easier.

Getting a 1300 number is a fantastic way not only to enhance your business image but also to manage your inbound calls and take some stress out of the usually hectic day.

Improve Your Business Image

A phone number is often the most important point of contact for a business, so it’s important to ensure it projects the right image. Mobile numbers are usually associated with ‘one man bands’. So if you’re trying to grow your business, getting a 1300 number is a better option.

1300 numbers create a professional image of the business and are proven to attract more calls than ordinary numbers, especially advertised mobile numbers.

Manage Your Calls

Mobiles are limited in terms of being able to manage the inbound calls. Apart from voicemail and standard diversions, there is not much else that can be done and calls may be lost.

1300 numbers come with a variety of features and functions that will enable you to configure the way calls are managed. They are very easy to configure and you can ensure that every call is handled in a professional manner. And that’s good for business.

Some of the features that a 1300 number comes with are Business Intro Messages, Auto Attendant, Voice2Email, and an extensive range of time based and geo routing options.

Get Better Results From Your Marketing

Advertising a mobile number limits the number of business enquiries. Getting a 1300 number will expand your market and generate more calls. You can further improve your marketing material with an easy to remember Phone Name or Phone Word, which are 5 times more memorable than ordinary numbers.

Large Choice of Numbers

There are many choices when it comes to 1300 numbers, including the very popular smart numbers. You can have the number spell your business name through the alphanumeric keypad, which is excellent for promoting your brand. Or, it can spell the name of your product or service. There is also a large choice of easy to remember sequences, which are also very effective.

Like every other business tool, mobile numbers have their place and function. They are excellent for direct contact with a particular person. But when it comes to your main business number, 1300 numbers offer a much better option and are much more effective.

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Manage Your Inbound Calls and Get Better Marketing Results with a 1300 Number

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