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Reasons Why You Should Buy the 1300 Number and Not Lease It


Some Good Reasons Why Not to Lease a 1300 Number

Although leasing a 1300 number might sound like a good idea, there are some good reasons why you should actually buy it.

Create a Genuine Business Asset

The problem with leasing a 1300 number is that you never own it. Any goodwill or marketing value gained while promoting the number remains with the company that you lease it from.

And that’s a problem, especially if the number is part of an overall business promotion strategy. Just like a business name or your brand, you have to make sure that you own the rights to it. That’s the only way to create a genuine business asset.

Usually Much More Expensive to Lease

There are many cases where the company from which you are about to lease the 1300 number from, actually buy it for a fraction of the cost of the overall lease. And you can do the same, and at the same price they would pay for it.

So unless the number you’re after has been purchased long before and is so unique there is no other choice, you will save a lot of money by actually purchasing it yourself.

Have Full Control of the Number

By purchasing the 1300 number, you become the ROU (Rights of Use) holder. And that means you have full control of the number. You can sell it, trade it or even lease it yourself. And you don’t need to have it connected to a network at all times.

You certainly don’t get that flexibility by leasing the number. If you stop paying the monthly leasing fee, you lose it. And in most cases it will eventually be given to one of your competitors.

Sure, there are circumstances where there is no choice but to lease a 1300 number. But unless that’s the case, and if the number is still available or you can find a suitable variation, the best choice is to actually buy the number. That way it becomes your asset and there is no chance that it will ever go to one of your competitors.

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