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Smart Numbers ROU Pin - What Is It and What Does It Do?


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Smart numbers ROU Pin is a personal identification number that is allocated with each smart number. It is provided by the ACMA to the person or entity that controls the number.

It is a 10 digit code that allows the holder to access and change the details associated with the smart number, including changing the ROU holder details and therefore control of the number. The ROU Pin is used when accessing the details online via the ACMA smartnumbers website.

The ROU (Rights of Use) holder has 100% rights to the number and these rights can be traded. For security reasons, a ROU Pin should not be given out to any unauthorised persons. A phone company does not need the ROU Pin to arrange the connection of the smart number. The Enhanced Rights of Use (EROU) number, which is sometimes requested by phone companies, is the actual smart number and not the ROU Pin.

The ROU holder can trade or on sell the Rights of Use to a smart number. The person or entity who obtains the smart number must ensure that the ROU online register is updated to reflect the new ownership details. They would do that using the ROU Pin that should be provided during the sale.

In addition to obtaining the ROU Pin, it is also advisable that both parties to the transaction complete the ACMA Trade of Rights of Use of Smart Number Form. This is done in case the ROU Pin is incorrect and does not allow the purchaser to update the ROU holder details. The form does not need to be lodged with ACMA and is more so for the purpose of being evidence of the trade.

A ROU Pin is only issued to the ROU holder, therefore when leasing a smart number, it will not be provided to the person or entity leasing it.

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