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13 Numbers

Seize the Market with a 13 Number

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13 Numbers – Grow Your Business, Delight Your Customers

Boost your marketing efforts, better service your customers and cut your administrative costs all in one move. Business 1300 is proud to offer some of Australia’s most competitive 13 number packages. Being a low cost way to increase your visibility, a 13 number is the perfect next step for any business looking to present itself as a real and serious player in their industry.

If you’ve been contemplating the idea of getting a 13 number but haven’t made your decision– let us settle the debate for you. Get a real asset to your business and watch your conversions grow with Business 1300.

The Ideal Complement to your Marketing

When it comes to crafting an effective advertising campaign, every element needs to be perfect. With people bombarded with thousands of ads per day, you might only have a few seconds of someone’s time in which to make an impression. Your message needs to be persuasive, memorable and impactful, all within the narrowest window of time.

For that reason, some of the country’s biggest companies – those that find the most success with TV, radio, internet video and billboard advertising – choose a 13 phone number for their campaigns. At only six digits, it’s significantly easier to remember for customers walking past an ad or flicking through FM stations, delivering better message recall and helping you drive faster and more decisive action.

Although the cost of 13 numbers is significantly more than 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers, it's often justified by their marketing power. If your business intends to use an inbound number for extensive marketing campaigns, then the benefits may far outweigh the additional expense. Speak to our team and consider whether your next marketing campaign could benefit from a simple, easy to remember 13 number.

Easiest to Remember

Being only 6 digits long, 13 numbers are potentially the most memorable. And that means more calls when used in marketing campaigns.

Big Business Phone Numbers

13 numbers are generally associated with large, national companies. If your business operates in that market, it pays to project a similar image.

Only $50 per Month 

Our Corporate 13 Plan is only $50 per month and includes the complete set of features and functions. It also comes with local calls that are free for the first 20 minutes.

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Built to Fit Your Organisation

Your business is growing – get a number that’ll grow with you. 13 numbers are fully portable – wherever your company goes and however many offices you grow to, it’ll still be a valuable asset to your business.

Advanced routing features allow you to provide a seamless customer experience, automatically taking them to the team-member, department or office best suited to their needs. Routing can be done based on time of day – allowing all calls to go to your after hours line after a certain point. You can also route calls depending on the caller’s location – helping them find their local branch faster and easier. The result is happier customers, less administration for your team, and more time to help grow your business.

Optional postcode prompting makes a 13 number the ideal solution for any growing franchise, allowing you to know the caller’s exact location in order to deliver better service. You’ll enjoy the convenience and simplicity of a single six-digit number with the ability to automatically route a customer to their nearest location.

A Low-cost Way to Grow your Business

Despite the additional ACMA numbering charge, a 13 phone number is still an affordable proposition for businesses of all sizes. 13 numbers through Business 1300 cost as little as $50 per month with the first 20 minutes of every local call free. With the increased visibility offered by a 13 number, many businesses find themselves recouping that cost in no time.

Enjoy the benefits that a 13 number can offer at a competitive rate with help from Business 1300. Talk to one of our strategic consultants today to learn more about how we can help grow your business.

See How a 13 Phone Number Could Help Your Business

Customer Case Study

David is a marketing executive for a large online business operating in the real estate market. Although the business is e-commerce only, they still receive many enquiries and contact requests from their customers.

To give their customers an easy point of contact, David found a highly memorable 13 number to direct any business or customer service enquiries to.

To further manage calls, the business paired the 13 number with an IVR prompt. This allows the caller to select an option from the menu, using the numeric keypad. The call is then directed to the best department to handle the caller's query. This helped provide the business with an efficient call handling system as well as an easy contact point for their customers.


Plan Type

Service Type: 13 Number
Service Features: IVR,        Time-Based Routing
Plan: CORP $50

Having a 13 number has allowed us to direct all our enquiries to one place. It is also a great number for us to promote in our marketing material.

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Seize the Market with a 13 Phone Number

13 numbers are six-digit numbers where the caller is charged a local call rate from any phone line in Australia. Apart from the number being shorter i.e. 6-digits as opposed to 10-digits, there is no difference in the way 13 and 1300 numbers operate or can be set up.

Easy to Remember 6 Digit Number

Being only 6 digits long, 13 numbers are potentially the easiest to remember and preferred by marketers. They have a high recall value, making them ideal for promotional activities.

Favoured by Highly Successful Companies

13 numbers are the preferred choice of large, national companies with high exposure. And with good reason, they make the business stand out even more.

Low Cost Plans from $50 per Month

Our low cost $50 enterprise plan comes with ultra-competitive call rates and all the necessary features and functions to make the number work for your business.

Enterprise 13 Numbers

Similar to the other two prefixes, a 13 number comes with a full suite of enterprise grade features and functions. It is also a virtual number that can be diverted to one or several answering points. The diversions can be dependent upon the time of the call as well as call origin, making it an Australia-wide national number that is fully portable and offers a high level of call handling flexibility. If your business is serious about making a stand-out impression then a 13 number is the ideal choice.

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Cost of 13 Numbers

Save $$$ With Our Ultra Competitive Corporate Plan

Our CORP13 plan offers ultra competitive, enterprise level 13 number call rates and charges. In addition to some of the best rates available, the account holder receives 20 minutes free per local call.

We also have Post Code Prompting for muti-site operations and franchise networks, as well as a Pro Voice Message and IVR Recording Service utilising a range of professional voice artists.


  • 24/7 Helpline
  • Auto Attendant (IVR)
  • Voice 2 Email
  • Business Intro Message
  • Geographical Routing
  • Time Based Routing
  • Call Alert
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Distributor
  • Call Recording
  • Call Overflow
  • Call Barring
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Critical Information Summary

Tailored 13 Corporate Plans

If you have specific requirements or have an existing number with a high volume of calls, we can tailor a 13 plan to suit your needs. Discuss your needs with one of our staff or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.

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Grow your customer base, capture new markets and make your business even more outstanding with a 13 phone number. Speak to our team today to learn how.
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